Individualisation of the remedy


The individualisation of each case, therefore, by the totality of its symptoms, is the only certain method of arriving at the true similiimun for it among medicines. The more we generalise, and refer it to a class, the less happy we shall be in our drug-selection for it. And, should there be no drugs which correspond to it as whole to whole, we should select that one which has caused any peculiar features it may have, if we have good reason to believe such remedy suited to the essential malady present. Correspondence at such special points indicates a very close relationship between disease and drug — far more so than if common characters only were in question.

Subjective symptoms outweigh objective ones in such differentiation, for they present less of the common than of the peculiar features of a case. They are, moreover, of great value, as being the earliest signs of disorder, before organic change has begun ; they constitute the main phenomena of a malady at a stage in which it is still curable.

Richard Hughes.





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