Indigestion is caused by one or several of the following ;
1. Too much, or unsuitable food ;
2. Haste in eating,
3. Imperfect mastication ;
4. Too much fatigue or too little exercise;
5. Excessive mental work or emotional disturbances;
6. The improper use of drugs, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

These symptoms include:

Belly pain or discomfort.
Feeling uncomfortably full after eating.
Loss of appetite.
Burping up food or liquid (regurgitation).

Arsenicum album : Pain and burning in the stomach. Nausea and vomiting soon after eating or drinking the least cold water. Loss of strength and weight. Derangement from eating ice-cream, tainted meat or alcoholic drink. The thirst and prostration with burning in the stomach are marked indications for Arsenicum.

Bryonia — After eating solid food it is belched up a little at a time. Stomach very sensitive to touchy worse from motion. Tongue coated yellowish white.

Calcarea carbonica — Craving for chalk, coal, salt, and indigestible things, especially with children. Distention over the pit of the stomach. Low spirits with a constant fear of losing reason. A pressure in the vertex. Perspiration about the head and face at night, with great sensitiveness to cold air. Persons “fat and flabby” inclined to poor circulation, with cold feet and hands.

Carbo vegetabilis — Persons who have been ill and not fully recovered. Low vitality, face pale, blue, haggard. Eructations of gas and food which is sour and rancid. Worse from tainted meats or too rich food; after dissipation. Distention of stomach and abdomen.

Chamomilla — Useful in young children. Pain and distention of stomach and abdomen, with the mental symptoms of great irritability and impatience. Cannot endure the pain.

Ignatia — Useful in a form of “Nervous dyspepsia” often caused by grief and disappointment. A sense of great weakness or “all-goneness” over the region of the stomach, with constant inclination to take a deep breath. The patient is often changeable, tearful and silent.

Ipecac — Frequent nausea with every slight disturbance is a call for Ipecac, especially after sweets, confectionary, etc. The tongue clean, saliva increased.

Lycopodium — Much flatulency with sense of fullness after eating a small amount of food, constant sense of fermentation in the stomach and bowels; chronic derangement of stomach and liver.

Nux vomica — In cases that have been dosed with crude drugs, patent medicines and cathartics, Nux should be given to begin the treatment, unless some other treatment is very clearly indicated. Nux is often the remedy where alcoholic drink or strong coffee has impaired the digestion. The mental symptoms in such cases often duplicate those of Nux. Irritable, morose and mentally unfitted for any duty. Drowsy by day and tired at night, with all the symptoms worse in the morning. A headache, vertigo and nervousness, all aggravated by any mental effort. Discomfort and pain in stomach, after meals. Constipation or Diarrhea.

Pulsatilla — Useful in cases caused by, or made worse by eating fat food, especially pork or pastry. Regurgitation of food and gas. Usually no thirst or appetite. Tongue coated, with extremely bad taste in mouth in the morning. Patient craves open air instead of the warm room, yet inclined to be chilly. Most symptoms worse towards evenings. Puls seems to do best for persons of a mild, yielding disposition, inclined to be gloomy and fearful.




  1. Am in Africa now and have a very upset stomach. Ars, Aloe and Podophyllum have helped me. Next Carbo veg

  2. Years ago my oldest son then about 7 years of age started with an asthma attack brought on because he was mad at his cousin for taking away his toy. I gave him chamomilla 30x and in about three minutes the asthma went away. Also I had a bad toothache and could not get to the dentist right as it was a holiday weekend. I took the chamomilla and even though the pain was still there I didn’t care and got through OK.


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