In Chemistry, one color obliterates another.


PHILOSOPHIES: In Chemistry, one color obliterates another.
This is an illustration of the OUTERMOST changes. The causes of such change lie in the primitive substance and not in the external form; so it is with the causes of cure.

The rational mind can go far beyond the idea of a molecule!

There is nothing in the OUTER world but what is representative. The song that is within the heart is a million times more intense, more beautiful, than can be produced by the larynx. Everything that is, or appears as real before the eyes, or to the ear in sound, is only a representation of the real world; because everything of this character is perishable.

Homeopaths have a consciousness of what life is, what the life force is, what the nature of disease is, and can apply to all theories of the world our measure and test them. They can realize the philosophies!

A valuable lesson from Dr. James Tyler Kent




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