Prize Bull

Satyriasis and impotence: Prize bull 2 years old.

This bull which had always served well, and whose matings had been followed by gestations had been subject recently to perverse sexual excitations. When he was led out to the drinking fountain, for example, he would rush to the entrance from which the cows were ordinarily let out for mating, and then, when he saw that it was not for this reason that he was led out of the stable, he would rush back again and masturbate by friction of his hind legs until ejaculation occurred. His keeper said that he did this two or three times a day. In addition, whenever, a cow was brought to him, although the erection took place it was impossible for him to perform intromission and the ejaculation did not occur despite his marked excitation. This state of affairs meant a considerable financial loss to his owner, for a prize bull, though very expensive and used only for reproduction, will bring from the butcher a comparatively negligible price. Allopathically these cases are considered incurable, the only way out being castration, which would mean the negation of his main value.

This condition of genital excitation associated with impotence and onanism, responds admirably, however, to a homeopathic remedy which has brought out similar symptoms in healthy men: Delphinium staphisagria. Accordingly Staph.200, a single dose, in globules, was given him in the morning by Dr.FERREOL. Four days afterwards he was in excellent condition and able to mate normally to the great relief of his owner and veterinary. You can judge what this cure was worth when I tell you that this bull had been bought for $600.00 and that his butcher’s worth would have been only $160.00 to $180.00. This loss was avoided thanks to a single dose of Staph. in the 200th centesimal dilution.

The Homœopathic Recorder, May 15, 1929





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