Mrs. E. D., age 81, came to me March 20, 1906, with the following history :
Her husband had died suddenly January, 1906, and she had been brooding over it ever since.

Sad, tearful, restless, sleepless, moaning, sighing, great sorrow and grief, oppression of the chest in cardiac region aggravated by grief and motion.

The stethoscope reveals aortic regurgitation. Lower legs slightly œdematous, sanguine temperament, very lively before, now despondent and indifferent to surroundings. Ignatia 1 m.

March 24th. oppression of the chest the same as before ; speaks of death ; would like to be with her husband ; gloominess of mind. Aurum 50 m.

Within a week after taking Aurum the patient became more “sensible and reasonable.” The oppression of the chest and œdema vanished. Patient is now well and can walk as well as any woman forty years old.
Here we see the similarity between Ignatia and Aurum ; the latter is complementary to the former. Still Ignatia was not the case remedy. The unphilosophical mind of Ignatia is not like that of Aurum.

Will the “pathological homœopath” tell us if the remedy and the dose were in conformity with the cellular derangement in the case ? And what changes were there present in her brain cells to cause her to be temporarily insane ? And how much gold is to be found in Aurum 50 m.

This case is taken from the clinic of Dr. Nash




  1. Thus, the imperfect selection of the medicament, which was in the case almost inevitable owing to the too limited number of the symptoms present, serves to complete the display of the symptoms of the disease, and in this way facilitates the discovery of a second, more accurately suitable, homoeopathic medicine…aph no. 182

  2. I can see the difference in grief. Nash was very astute in his understanding of the deeper heavier grief of Aurum. The heavy weight of Gold and the effect on the heart, metaphorically and emotionally, as well as physically. I have seen this and had to differentiate many times.

  3. Ignatia. I m is very good I lost my husband 12 moths ago it’s helped me a lot

  4. Homeopathic therapeutics is not the highest form of healing , but it works wonderful


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