Identifying the remedy from an incident.

homoeopathy remedy

The choice of the Remedy

When any long standing case comes to us and the patient dates the beginning of the trouble to going in swimming or falling into water we think of Antimonium Crudum and examine for further indication of the drug.




  1. 1-There are some who would think of Bells P. This is for falling in COLD water when the body is hot. This is same as after a long walk/ exertion you enter into an AC room.
    2- I had a small dog. Breed PUG. Season winter. Place Amritsar. Room temperature above 20 degree CELSIUS. Outside temperature 1or 2 degree Celsius. I took the dog out for morning walk etc. He came back alright but the next day his lower limbs were paralyzed.
    For seven days I didn’t know what to do. HE HAD NOT FALLEN INTO COLD WATER. But going from warm room into COLD open AIR paralyzed the rear legs of my dog.
    He was given Antimonium Crud 30.
    He started walking after 24h.


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