How to Avoid the Health Problems of Air Conditioning

Young man switching on or adjusting the wall mounted air conditioner in the living room with a remote control

As our planet becomes warmer and warmer, the summers are getting hotter with each passing season. No wonder that the need for air conditioning has become a necessity in most parts of the world.

Despite the comfort that an AC provides on a hot day, it poses some health issues. But, don’t be alarmed — an AC isn’t likely to make you fall sick, unless it’s used inefficiently or without proper maintenance. As long as you take good care of your air conditioning unit, you can prevent the health risks arising from its use. That said, let’s look at some health problems caused by inefficient use of AC’s and how to prevent them.

  1. Problem: Low humidity


Air conditioning typically dries out your indoor air, lowering the humidity levels.While this provides comfort and relief during summers, it also triggerscertain health issues.Symptoms such as dry skin, nasal passages, itchy eyes, and allergies are rather common in low humid conditions.


Solution:Purchasing an air conditioner with humidity control mode will solve most of these issues. Another way to add the moisture back to your indoor air is through effective use of humidifiers. Keeping plants like Areca Palm, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, and Peace Lily indoors is also a great way to improve humidity and air quality in your home.


  1. Problem:Growth ofbacteria and mould


An AC unit that cools but doesn’t reduce humidity, could point towards several problems. First, a unit that’s too large for your space will lower the temperature quickly but won’t cut down humidity. Secondly, it could be a sign that your AC machine’s interior is damp from all the moisture it has absorbed over time. This mostly happens with older units or the ones not cleaned or maintained properly. In either case, high humidity causes bacteria and mould to thrive, contaminating the air you breathe and inviting allergies, respiratory issues, and bacterial infections.


Solution:The best way to tackle this problem is to have HVAC technicians inspect and clean your air conditioning system regularly. Annual inspections done by Gold Coast air conditioningprofessionalscaneasily get rid of mould, moisture or dust build-up.Additionally, you could alsoinstall an air conditioner witha built-in air purifier or purchase an air purifier separately.


  1. Problem: Sudden changes in temperature


Nothing feels better than cranking the ACbelow 20°C to escape the heat, especially if you’ve been under the sun for a while. But, stepping into a room with such low temperature after being outdoors can put your body under severe stress from the sharp temperature drop. Such conditions can cause headaches and other issues.


Solution:Resist temptation to set the temperature too low. If you’ve just got back home after a hot day, keep the temperature close to what it feels like outside, and then, gradually bring it down. This won’t just protect you from health problems, but it will also save energy costs.  


It’s not your AC, it’s how to keep it


Finally, it’s not entirely correct to blame your AC unitfor your poor indoor air or health risks it poses. Neglect or poor maintenance of your air conditioning systems are at the root of such problems. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to minimize such risks with the help of tips we’ve shared above.