Homeopathy to the Rescue

Homeopathy works

Time and Time again Homeopathy has come to the rescue in times of an epidemic.

The Homoeopathic profession is greatly indebted to Dr. E. M. Kellogg, of this city, for the laborious collection and arrangement of the mass of statistics embodied in the Minority Report, which fully sustains Gov. Pinckney, in the following conclusions, with which he sums up.
“I. – That Homoeopathy has ceased to be an experiment, and is on established system of medicine.”
“II. – That as compared with Allopathy, the expense of Homoeopathic treatment is much less.”
“III. – That the duration of disease under Homoeopathic treatment is much less.”
“IV. – That the mortality under Homoeopathic treatment is much less.”


Hospital Medicine Year Cases Deaths Percentage
London Homeopathic Hospital Homeopathy 1850 -1856 1062 48 4.5
St. George’s (Allopathic) Hospital Allopathy 1854 -1855 5413 1018 18
Hospital at Gyongos – Hungary Allopathy 5 Years 622 98 15.11
Homeopathy 1538 143 9.3
The Convent of Refuge, Marseilles Allopathy 1841 -1848 1851 102 5.5
Homeopathy 1850-1854 1662 49 2.9
Hospital of Ste. Marguerite. Paris Allopathy 1849 -1851 3724 411 11
Homeopathy 4655 399 6.6


From Dr. Routh’s “Fallacies of Homoeopathy,” we have the following summary

Year Location Disease Treatment by Homeopathy Treatment by Allopathy
1830 ~ ‘31* Russia Cholera Mortality 11 %Reported by Imperial Council & Foreign Ministry of Russia. Mortality 63 %Reported by Imperial Council & Foreign Ministry of Russia.
1830 ~ 1832 Vienna, Prague, Hungary and Moravia Cholera Mortality 7 %Reported by Dr. Kath, appointed by King of Bavaria. Mortality 31 %Reported by Dr. Kath, appointed by King of Bavaria.
1836** Vienna Cholera Mortality 33 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Fleischmann Mortality 66 %
1847 Ireland Typhus fever Mortality 2 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Joseph Kidd Mortality 13 %Lead Allopath in charge was Dr. Abraham Tuckey
1847 England Typhus fever Mortality 2 % Mortality 13 %
1848 Edinburgh, Scotland Cholera Mortality 24 %Reported by Edinburgh Dispensary. Mortality 68 %Reported by Edinburgh Dispensary.
mid 1800’s Austria Pneumonia Mortality 5 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Fleischmann Mortality 20 %Lead Allopath in charge was Dr. Dietl
1853 ~ 1855 South of America Yellow fever Mortality 5.4 %Lead Homeopaths in charge were Dr. F. Davis and Dr. W.  Holconibe Not Available.
1854 London, England Cholera Mortality 16.4 %Reported by Royal College of Physicians. Mortality 59.2 %Reported by Royal College of Physicians.
1878 New Orleans, USA Yellow fever Mortality 5.6 %Special Commission reported the statistics. Mortality 17 %Special Commission reported the statistics.
1918*** Pittsburgh, USA Spanish Influenza Mortality 1.05 %Reported by Dean, Pittsburgh Hospital Mortality 30 %Reported by Dean, Pittsburgh Hospital

Notwithstanding the overwhelming testimony thus adduced in support of Homoeopathic treatment, the majority of the Committee report against its introduction into Bellevue Hospital, and although the subject lies upon the table, waiting for final action, we can hardly hope for a favorable decision, at present, and those who are so unfortunate as to become subjects for Hospital treatment, in this great city, must still continue to undergo all the horrors of Allopathy.

An excerpt from : MAJORITY AND MINORITY REPORTS OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF TEN GOVERNORS, to whom was referred the subject of introducing Homoeopathy into Bellevue Hospital. New-York, 1858.

The American Homeopathic Review




  1. If Frank Grant thinks Homoeopathy is so ineffective why is he on a Homoeopathy website posting comments?

  2. With today’s science of homeopathy and with the knowledge of the new remedies it might be much, much less today. Homeopathy may then be superior to allopathy.

  3. Homeopatia lucreaza, este foarte eficienta, salveaza vieti iar cei care spun contrariul sunt cei mai mari prosti si idioti din tot UNIVERSUL.


  4. It’s funny how anyone can swallow 50 homeopathy sleeping pills in one go with no ill effects. They’re nothing but sugar pills.

  5. Homoepathic medicines are made by diluting the so called active ingredient to a very high degree, (more diluted than one drop in all of the Earth’s oceans) until there are no molecules of the active ingredient present in the solution. In other words it’s only there on the label. Those who advocate homeopathic medicine argue that the substance doesn’t need to be there, it has left a “memory” on the water or other harmless materials in the medicine. This is of course utter nonsense, it is not possible for a chemical or element to leave an imprint. In the end all that you are buying is just water or a sugar pill.

  6. This is what Wikipedia has to say about homeopathy…
    ” Homeopathy is a pseudoscience – a belief that is incorrectly presented as scientific. Homeopathic preparations are not effective for treating any condition.”
    Don’t get scamed by something that’s no more than a placebo.

  7. Is there a remedy for Brexit? I do not think misinformation has stopped unfortunately.

  8. Finally people now know this & have stopped being misinformed by the media.


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