Homeopathy for Worms

homeopathy worms

Most conventional drugs are to discharge the worms from the system but Homeopathy helps by discharge and corrects the morbid condition that helps the worms to exist and reproduce.


Sudden changes in the color of the face ; dark semi-circles under the eyes ; copious flow of saliva; nausea; insipid, acid, or foetid odor of the breath ; a voracious, alternating with a poor, appetite ; itching of the anus; talking, and grinding the teeth during sleep ; thick and whitish urine ; tightness and swelling of the lower part of the abdomen ; frequently emaciation, and, sometimes, convulsions, delirium, etc.

The remedies that your homeopath may consider are

Aconitum. — At bed-time, for fever, restlessness, and burning and itching at the seat.

Cina. — A valuable remedy for thread worms, or round worms, with the following symptoms : boring at the nose, livid circles round the eyes, tossing about, or calling out suddenly during sleep, epilepsy or convulsions, nausea and vomiting, griping, itching at the anus, and white and thick urine, sometimes passed involuntarily.

Mercurius solubilis. — Diarrhoea, slimy stools, distension of the abdomen, difficult teething, and augmented secretion of saliva.

Nux vomica. — For both thread and round worms, hard stools, and after indigestible food.

Ignatia. — Intense itching at the seat, nervousness, epileptic attacks, etc., especially in mild, sensitive persons.

Sulphur. — For worm-colic, and after the prominent symptoms have disappeared, to complete the cure.

Calcarea carbonica. — After discontinuing the other remedies, in patients having a hereditary predisposition to worms, and with scrofulous symptoms.