pink eyes in dogs

When your pets develop a pink eye and your vet is having an awful time holding their head so that the eyes can be washed with antiseptics.

This is unnecessary. Watch what Homeopathy can do.
Fill a tall glass of water and put in a few globules of EUPHRASIA 30CH and let the dog drink.

The pink eyes will disappear in three days.




  1. Lots of pain through his body. Weakness some swelling in his fingers. Bev kept causing him of being a drug addict. But in the final analysis she has been with him practically non stop

  2. hi we hv a family rabbit of 8 yrs old and has started to develop tooth problem with a spur we hv to trim down every month! now shes on and off gets white thick discharge out her right nostril which vet said its connection with the teeth! I thought silica or pulsatila remedy woukd be good for clearing the discharge from the nose caverty? ?
    if you can advise in anyway it would be a great help as shes a fantastic rabbit full of character and charm and one in a million.we love her dearly.
    thank you.:-)

  3. I have always used Euphrasia tincture in sterile water for family and my dogs. Works great!


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