Babies have colic do to the air that they swallow when being nursed, because they are hungry, or they have been overfed, or milk intolerance (cow milk).

OBSERVE: If the pain goes away when the child moves. If it is before eating lunch, breakfast , or if the pain occurs repetitively (take the child to the doctor), observe if the child is restless, if he cries persistently, if he elevates his legs over the abdomen, if he bends over, or refuses to eat.

Try to give him some food at night, in some babies pain is relieved by eliminating gases or eructations.

CHAMOMILLA: Distended abdomen with colic around the navel.
Colic by swallowing air, colic after being angry or the mother was angry and then nursed the child, and associated with diarrhea.
CINA: Spasmodic pain around the navel (put your hand very softly over the baby’s abdomen) distended abdomen and hard and the child is hungry all the time
COLOCYNTHIS: Intense pain > bending over, sometimes
vomiting, with retch, diarrhea, the baby is restless
MAGNESIA PHOS. Use 6x in warm water ,
Flatulence better by warm and pression. Diarrhea do to
the indignation of the mother that fed the baby.
SULPHUR : Observe: pass your hand over the hair of the baby,
observe and feel if it is dry, and ruff, ask the mother if the baby prefers being covered or not. sometimes when the baby goes in the office offers
you his arms so that means the child is sociable, a characteristic of
sulph babies. abdominal pain with diarrhea, mucous, think of Sulph.
by Beatriz H Hill My experience.
Bibliography: Homeopathic Family Guide




  1. Homeopathy is a safe & effective form of treatment for a wide range of childhood problems & illnesses which are difficult to treat with other types of medicines. Above all homeopathy medicines are free from side effects. As a homeopath I would always always recommend homeopathic remedies for small children.

  2. Milk and a lactose intolerance is such a problem at times.This all brought me to Homeopathy.A baby soya milk formula helped her.Did not know at the time the remedies.

  3. Chamomilla for sure, when a baby cries he can’t tell you the cause of his problem. But a homeopath knows that he needs Chamomilla.

  4. I was once told by a ‘nursing’ mother, she never eats or drinks ANYTHING gassy whilst nursing, so her babies never had colic.


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