Homeopathic Diagnosis

It is necessary to know sicknesses, not from pathology, not from physical diagnosis, no matter how important these branches are, but by symptoms, the language of nature.

A true Homoeopathic prescription cannot be made on pathology, on morbid anatomy; because proving has never been pushed in that direction. Pathology gives us the results of disease, and not the language of nature appealing to the intelligent physician.

Symptomalogy is the true subject to know. No man, who is only conversant with morbid anatomy and pathognomomic symptoms can make homoeopathic prescriptions. In addition to diagnostic ability he must have a peculiar knowledge; that is, he must be aquanted with the manner of expression of each and every disease. He must know just how each disease expresses itself in language and appearance and sensations. He must know just how every remedy affects mankind in the memory and understanding and will, because there are no other things that the remedy can act upon as to the mind, and he must know how the remedy affects functions because there are no other ways in which the remedy affects the body of man. Now, if he knows how diseases express themselves in signs and symptoms, then he knows what constitutes an individual disease a little different from all others. It is the peculiar way that the same disease affects different patients that make the symptoms strange, peculiar and rare. That which is pathognomonic in the remedy is that which you will study out most because it is that which is related to the patient. Such is the state of mind that the Homoeopathic physicians must keep themselves in in order to begin this study, and when they have begun to think in this way they can then study the symptoms of the disease as to grade.

Refrence: DR J T KENT

Contributed by Rajendra Kumar




  1. so true… homeopathic diagnosis, and treatment is based on how any particular disease ( imbalance), affects THAT particular individual you are treating. You can have 5 people , all with the same ‘clinical diagnosis’, and yet they may each need different remedies, and a different treatment protocol…

  2. a patient. age 26 suffering from family problem. because he falls in severe anxiety, irritability angary. Plz select medicine

  3. koi mehar baan DOCTER meri diabetic PF Neuropathy ka ilaaz batane ko raazi ho to 1Rs kharch karne ki krupa kare 
    9926151391 per sms karne ki daya kare

  4. it is not so easy by words, Doctor has to treat a patient as whole, and doctor has to sacrify many things than only it will possible


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