Sadness and desire to weep.─Anguish and extreme apprehension, esp. in evening, and sometimes suggesting suicide.─Ill-humour; dislike even to see friends.─Excessive irritability.─Vexation and passion, with hasty speech and excessive weakness of memory.─The slightest cause irritates him and makes him extremely vehement.─A sort of furious spleen as though one could murder a man in cold blood.─Anger; would have no hesitation in killing a man who offended him, only he knows better.─Visions in the morning, in bed.

Vertigo on moving the head, as well as from the motion of a carriage, or in the evening, with nausea.─Sense of swashing in the head.─Vertigo, with loss of intellectual power, and obscuration of sight.─Headache in the morning, excited by the slightest shock ( when rising and from binding the head up tight.─Pressure on the temples and on the vertex, with palpitation of the heart in the evening.─Tension above root of nose.─Aching in the forehead, like a boil, from midnight till morning.─Pain, as from ulceration, in the head, directly above the eyes, every evening, or else at night, in bed.─Shootings in the head, esp. after having been in the open air, and on stooping, or at night, as if the head were going to burst.─Piercing in the head, esp. at the root of the nose, every morning.─Falling off of the hair, with very sore, painful pimples and large bald spots on the scalp; sensitiveness of the scalp to contact, with burning and itching in the morning after rising (after abuse of Mercury).─Cold sweat on the head.─Cold, clammy perspiration, smelling sour, principally on the head and face, with aversion to be uncovered; from warmth and rest.─Disposition to catch cold when uncovering the head.─Tuberosities on the head, with pain as of excoriation, on their being touched; > from covering the head warm and from perspiration.─Humid scabs on the head, feeling sore, of fetid smell; itching violently on rising in the morning and feeling sore on scratching.─The head is bent backward, with swelling below the larynx, with violent pulsation of the carotid arteries and rattling breathing (in croup).

Pain, as if the eyes were driven, or drawn back, into the head.─Painful and difficult movement of the eyes.─Heat, pressure and shootings in the eyes.─Throbbing in and about the eye.─Pressure in the eyes, as from a foreign body (sand).─Pain, as from ulceration, immediately above the eye, every evening.─Inflammation of the eyes and of the eyelids, sometimes erysipelatous, with pain as of a bruise, and of excoriation, on being touched.─Pimples above the eyes, and on the eyelids.─Specks and ulcers on the cornea.─Nocturnal lachrymation and agglutination of the eyelids.─Spasmodic closing of the eyelids (at night).─Eyes prominent.─Obscuration of the sight on reading.─Photophobia by day, and by candle-light.─The eyes ache from the bright light of day, when moving them.─Confusion of sight, in the evening, by candle-light, alternately with clearness of vision.─The objects appear to be red.

Darting pain in the ears.─Shootings in the ears, on blowing the nose.─Detonation in the ear, when blowing the nose.─Heat, redness, and itching in the ears.─Itching of the external ear.─Discharge of pus from the ears, which is sometimes fetid.─Scabs behind and on the ears.─Hardness of hearing, with pulsations and buzzings in the ears, esp. in the evening in bed.─Increase of cerumen.

Inflammation, redness, and swelling of the nose.─Pain, as of a bruise, and of excoriation in the nose, on its being touched.─Burning pain, as from ulceration and scabs in the nostrils.─Epistaxis, in the morning, and after singing.─Want of, or increased power of smell.─Coryza, chiefly on one side, with roughness in the throat, inflammatory swelling of the nose, fever, or painful weariness in all the limbs.

Face yellow, with blue circles round the eyes.─Face burning, and of a deep red.─Nocturnal heat of face.─Erysipelatous inflammation and swelling of the face and cheeks, with pricking tension, and eruption of vesicles.─Drawing and tearing pains, commencing from the cheeks, and extending to the ears and the temples.─Pains in the bones of the face, on the parts being touched.─Pimples on the forehead, which disappear in the open air.─Swelling of the lips, with tension and pains on touching them.─Eruption at the corners of the mouth.─Ulcer in the corner of the mouth.─Ulceration at the commissure of the lips.─The middle of the lower lip becomes chapped.─Blisters (boils) on the lips, chin, and neck, painful on being touched.─Eruption on the face, scurfy, very painful to the touch.─Vesicles on the chin.─Shootings in the articulation of the jaw, on opening the mouth.

Odontalgia, with starting and drawing pains, better by closing the teeth, by eating, and in a hot room.─Looseness of the teeth.─The hollow teeth feel too long.─Swelling and inflammation of the gums, which are painful when touched.─Ulcer on the gums and in the mouth, with a base resembling lard.─The gums and mouth bleed readily.

Accumulation of water in the mouth.─Salivation, hawking up of mucus.─The tip of the tongue is very painful and feels sore.─Speech hoarse and precipitate.

Sore throat, as if there were a peg in it, or an internal tumour.─Painful scraping in the throat, with difficulty in speaking and in swallowing the saliva.─Hawking up of mucus.─Shootings in the throat, and even into the ears, as from splinters, on swallowing, coughing, breathing, and on turning the head.─Violent pressure on the throat, with danger of suffocation.─Deglutition impeded and almost impossible, without great efforts.─Dryness in the throat.─Swelling of the amygdalæ.

Loss of appetite.─Bitterness of the mouth and of food.─Earth-like and bitter taste in the throat, with natural taste of food.─Violent thirst.─Unusual hunger in the forenoon.─Bulimy.─Desire only for acids, wine, sour and strong-tasting substances, or highly seasoned things.─Dislike to fat.─Desire for wine.

Risings, with burning sensation in the throat.─Burning in the stomach.─Attacks of nausea, sometimes with cold and paleness.─Nausea, with inclination to vomit in the morning.─Acid, bilious, greenish, or mucous and sanguineous vomitings.─Frequent and easy derangement of the stomach.─Pressure at the stomach, even after eating very little.─Pressure in stomach, as if lead were in it.─Swelling in the region of the stomach, with pressive pains.─Pressure, inflation and sensation, as if there were Something weighing heavily on the epigastrium, with inability to continue seated, and to endure tight clothes.

Shootings in the region of the spleen.─Splenetic stitches when walking.─Shootings in the hepatic region, esp. when walking.─Pain, from a bruise in the in the morning.─Cramps and contractive pains in the abdomen.─Sensation of violent clawing in the umbilical region, with nausea, anxiety, and heat of the cheeks.─Cutting pains.─Pain, as from ulceration in the abdomen.─Shootings in abdomen, esp. on l. side.─Swelling and suppuration of the inguinal glands (buboes).─(Rumbling in the abdomen.).─Incarceration and difficult emission of flatus, esp. in the morning.

Constipation; hard and dry fæces.─Difficult emission of scanty and soft excrement, with urgent want, and tenesmus.─Diarrhœa of feculent matter with cutting pains.─Whitish diarrhœa, of an acidulous smell, esp. in children.─Dysenteric evacuations, greenish, or of a clay-colour, with evacuation of sanguineous mucus.─After the evacuation, pain, as of excoriation, and sanious discharge from the anus.─Hæmorrhage from rectum, with soft stool.─Burning at the rectum.─Protrusion of hæmorrhoidal pimples from the rectum.─Perspiration at the perineum.

Urine slow and turbid, with whitish sediment.─The urine is passed slowly, with difficulty; drops out perpendicularly.─Abundant secretion of pale urine, with pressure on the bladder.─Acrid, corrosive (corroding the prepuce), or pale and watery, or deep-red, and hot urine.─Nocturnal emission of urine.─Wetting the bed (at night).─Emission of blood after urination.─Burning in the urethra during micturition.─Stitches in the urethra.─Redness and inflammation of the orifice of the urethra.─Discharge of mucus from the urethra.

Weakness of the genital parts.─Itching of the penis (glans, frænulum).─Smarting, excoriation, and oozing, between the thigh and the scrotum.─Cancerous ulcer on the prepuce.─Painful, cramp-like, and tensive erections.─Absence of sexual desire and of erections.─Erections without energy, during coition.─Excitement of the genital parts, as if for emission.─Flow of prostatic fluid, esp. after making water, and during a difficult evacuation.

Excoriation of the vulva, and between the thighs.─Congestion of blood to the uterus.─Irritation of ovaries (l.); with swelling; and great sensitiveness.─Discharge of blood between the periods, with inflation of the abdomen.─Catamenia too long delayed, and diminished.─Leucorrhœa, with smarting at the vulva.─Cancerous ulcer on the breast, with stinging-burning of the edges, smelling like old cheese.─Itching nipples.

Hoarseness.─Pain and great sensitiveness (to cold) of the larynx, with weak and rough voice, emaciation, hectic fever, and sleeplessness.─Rattling breathing (during sleep).─Swelling below the larynx.─Roughness in the throat.─Croup, with swelling under the larynx.─Permanent pain in the larynx,




  1. Sir I am bit mentally weak always thinks about source for safety source of income buisness always fear of future any medicine plz

  2. It is a good remedy for unhealthy skin, it is also good for Acne in youth, in Ulcers on cornea & in chronic and recurring urticaria. In case of respiratory trouble it is good for Chocking Cough. It works wonder in Otitis Media …. Dr. A. Mitra.

  3. Heper sulph is the best remedy of chest infection and syphilis after anti specific gross medication

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  6. Plz anybody can say ! how to nutralize Nitricum Acidum. This medicine used more than 2 yrs with high power.???

  7. Hepar Sulphur is a remedy indicated for unhealthy skin conditions. Is a favorite for acne as it helps the skin to clear faster. Key remedy for teen and adult acne.


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