Hemorhoids are extremely unpleasant, and can be very painful. They can be easily treated and are very preventable. It is advisable to treat it as soon as the symptoms come on. Generally a healthy lifestyle, food high in fibre and plenty of water will set right the condition.

Some of the causes are obstinate constipation ; abuse of purgatives ; stimulating food or drink ; sedentary habits ; pressure of the enlarged womb upon the vessels of the pelvis during pregnancy ; sitting on soft cushions for long periods; excessive; and over-excitement of the sexual

A thorough consultation will help the homeopath arrive at the remedy resonance for your particular condition. We discuss some of the remedies that work for Hemorrhoids.

Nux vomica: A valuable remedy in almost every form of piles, especially in persons of sedentary habits, or addicted to the use of intoxicating drinks, strong coffee, etc.

Sulphur: Chronic piles,or with itching and burning of the anus, and especially when associated with constipation. The evacuations
are often mixed with blood ; there is great pain, and the tumors protrude considerably, and are pushed back with difficulty ; also, smarting pain in passing water. Sulph. is often alternated with Nux, the latter administered at night and the former in the morning; or Sulph. following Nux to complete the cure.

Carbo veg: A burning sensation at the anus, and discharge of blood with the stools, which are constipated.

Arsenicum: A burning sensation as from hot needles, and general prostration.

Aconitum: Profuse discharges of blood, throbbing and inflammatory symptoms in the parts.

Collinsonia: Sensation of sharp sticks in the rectum. Painful bleeding piles. Hemorrhoids with the most obstinate constipation. Constipation with piles during pregnancy.




  1. Aesc.Hip. & Ratanhia are also selected when the rectum feels as if full of sticks &full of pieces of glass.

  2. Aesc.Hip. &Ratanhia are also indicated when the patient feels as if the rectum is full of sticks and full of pieces of glass.

  3. Just make sure it’s hemorrhoids and not anal cancer. The systems are very similar. I just finished a very intense treatment for anal cancer. Yes it was found earlier but still very intense none the less. And I thought I had hemorrhoids

  4. What remedy could possibly be helpful for varicose veins in the upper left leg?

  5. I prefer sulfur 1m in the morning. And nux 1m before sleep just one dose each . and then aesculus hip Q tds. For 20 days. Works perfectly for my prescription.. But I say . take the complete case. Much better.

  6. Aesculus hip 200 is the key remedy for hemorrhoids with back pain.of course try to take case with totality…

  7. Just a comment – I’ve combined homeopathy with muscle testing (Dr. Bradley Nelson) to get a complete remedy picture. I’m finding roughly 10% of remedies that people need are not ones that are readily available to purchase, e.g. steel (made from steel wool), cat saliva (taking water from their dish), dog saliva, comfrey flower – these are all ones I’ve needed to provide all the remedies for myself and people in my family. In my limited experience, I’ve found people need anywhere from 5 to 17 remedies each in varying strengths. I am very grateful for homeopathy’s effect on my life.

  8. Plz read about paeonia as well. Aloes may as well be studied. For acute cases nux and sul combination works magic. You really cannot give different people the same remedy untill their symptoms are the same.

  9. Hamamalis mother tinctures 20 drops with little water stops profuse bleeding within hours

  10. Curing a hemorrhoid. Testimony – every time you poop and at least 3 times daily, wipe with wit hazel and then apply organic coconut oil. The combination of the medicinal properties of both will shrink your hemorrhoids away. I challenge all naysayers to try it.


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