Oganon 29

As every disease (not entirely surgical) consists only in a special, morbid, dynamic alteration of our vital energy (of the principle of life) manifested in sensation and motion, so in every homœopathic cure this principle of life dynamically altered by natural disease is seized through the administration of medicinal potency selected exactly according to symptom-similarity by a somewhat stronger, similar artificial disease-manifestation. By this the feeling of the natural (weaker) dynamic disease-manifestation ceases and disappears. This disease-manifestation no longer exists for the principle of life which is now occupied and governed merely by the stronger, artificial disease-manifestation. This artificial disease-manifestation has soon spent its force and leaves the patient free from disease, cured. The dynamis, thus freed, can now continue to carry life on in health. This most highly probable process rests upon the following propositions.

Organon #29

Dr. Rau in his book “Organon of the Specific Healing Art says

Another cause of the continuance of a disease is the absence of a dynamic resistance.

Many things in life would occasion a disturbance of the normal activity of the organism, if circumstances or art did not create some counterbalancing influence. In investigating the fact why certain anormal relations do not occasion any disease, we shall be led to observe that things which are capable of producing morbid states, are likewise capable of removing them.

I can here offer only a few illustrations in reference to that subject.

Many men continue well only as long as they remain in a region where the climate, though injurious to others, seems to act as a preservative of their own health. Many persons who lead sedentary lives, would get sick if they were to suffer all the exposures of a stage-driver, and this one feels probably well only because his torpid nature requires such violent concussions. Such constitutions thrive under the effects of brandy
which would ruin the majority of men. There are individuals who do not feel well and digest badly, if they are deprived of chagrin ; a fit of anger restores the harmony of their functions. Their illness probably arises from an adynamic condition of the liver with the acholia, which is suspended for a time by a violent irritation of the biliary system.

I have known a young lady who seldom spent a few weeks without being attacked by a species of nettle-rash, but never had a symptom of it du-
ring the season of sweet- water crabs, of which she consumed a large quantity. It is well known that crabs occasion such eruptions in many persons. Many men are seized with cutaneous eruptions on changing their places of residence or drinking different water. Many kinds of water may indeed possess the faculty of rousing the latent disposition to cutaneous diseases.

My observation leads me, however, to believe that those eruptions arise from discontinuing the usual water, which has the power of counterbalancing a certain innate tendency to eruptions on the skin. There are short-breathed horses which continue in good breath as long as they drink soft, flowing water. If transported to some other region, they become useless. Many men feel well as long as they drink a certain kind of mineral water, or take a certain kind of medicine, or smoke a certain kind of tobacco, or take snuff, for no other reason than this, that those substances counterbalance the habitual anormal dynamic relations existing in such individuals, and maintain a state of equilibrium which is necessary to the existence and continuance of a state of relative well-being.





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