How did you get interested in Homeopathy?
In October 1970, when I started medical studies at the University of Gent (Belgium), there was a most interesting scene of all alternative ways of life, of thinking and of medicine. I discovered homeopathy and started treating myself for minor ailments (with homeopathic complexes). As my health deteriorated, I consulted a Brussels homeopath, Dr. Roland Lefèvre. This most charming Parisian overwhelmed me stating that I was merely practicing regular medicine, using homeopathic remedies.
He explained the quintessence of homeopathy and, for the first time in my life, showed me Kent’s repertory. This meeting and my subsequent improvement got me interested into homeopathy ever since.

Where did you study?
In October 1977, my wife and I moved to London, to follow what would be the last full time academic year at the Faculty of Homeopathy. That was a most rewarding time with teachers such as Margery Blackie, Charles Kennedy, Kathleen Priestman, and John Somper and with fellow students Claudio Araujo (Brazil) and Karl Robinson (USA) among others.
Since then I have attended numerous other courses, congresses and lectures all over the world.

Who made the most impact on you as a homeopath?
Hard to choose! I will mention Alfonso Masi Elizalde (Argentina) who was a master at designing mental pictures of remedies, so elaborate and yet so compressed in a few lines or even words.
The other early impact was George Vithoulkas (Greece) who had the gift to describe remedies in a most vivid way. I consider them the Picasso and the Van Gogh of homeopathy.

How would you like to see homeopathy grow?
From above downwards: integrate homeopathy into regular medical education and care. From grassroots upwards: patients should be aware of the potential of homeopathy and claim the right for homeopathic treatment.

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  1. Excelente, está bién preparado.
    Saludos desde Guayaquil-Ecuador.

  2. I find this site confusing having used homeopathy for 20 years I always enjoy reading articles. But here the questions are never answered and there’s no in depth descriotion of remedies which is why I read this site.

  3. Being a Homeopathic practioners all know the gentleness simplicity of homeopathy remedies. But the persons who did modern medicine are well understands the harshness , adverse effects painfullness of those. So those doctors are well versed with this and become lovers of this system once they understands homeopathy.U0001f60a

  4. Thank you, Dr. Frederik Schroyens, for a life of dedication to the science and art of cure that is gentle, fast, and permanent!


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