Fluoricum acidum

Hydrofluoric acid. made by pure destilation of (calcium fluoride) and
it is a solution hydrogen fluoride diluted in water and a scientist named
Scheele discovered it in 1771.It is a valued source of fluorine being the
precursor to numerous pharmaceuticals such as Fluoxetine (prozac) and
polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon)
Highly corrosive, capable of disolving glass and many materials especially
oxides, it is a severe poison and its gas damages permanently lungs and
cornea of eyes.
For bone caries of long bones as the femur, humerus, and radius, and its
discharges are thin and excoriating bettered by cold applications.
for caries of the temporal bones and acts on mastoid process either in
syphilis or scrofulous catarrh of the middle ear.
Dental fistulae with discharge, bloody and salty disagreable taste, also
rectal and lagrimal fistulae.
Small or short sleep seems to refresh. Varicose veins, little blue collections of
veins in small spots.
Masculine: the Don Juan remedy likes to go after several girls but when he
has conquered the girl looses his interest, and either he is sexually very active
during the wooing, he then loose interest completely on the girls becoming
impotent. His key note is to conquer girls, then looses interest in her.
Fluoricum ac. for complains of old age, or of premature age.
has an increased ability to excercise and without danger.
Naevus flat of children, capillary aneurism.
Ulcers red edges and vesicles, decubitus, with copious excoriant discharge.
from cold. Violent pains like streaks of lightning confined to a
small spot
In the repertory Mind-Buoyancy as a rubric,
is a hot person, very very active, they do not attach affectionately to nobody
either, parents, children, wife, girls or friends, not very affective.




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