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F:- Forgetfulness of dates and of his common employment. Fistula dentalis or lachrymalis. Felons. Falling of hair. Frequent erection, priapism. Feet: hot and must be uncovered at night. Feels as if burning vapours are emitted from the pores of the skin. Frivolous, fond of luxury cars, branded items. Fast growth of nails and hairs. Flirtatious, has many acquaintances, but no deep relationships with anyone.

L:- Lascivious, lustful, libertinism. Lightning like pain on a small spot comes suddenly,lasts for a short time and disappears quickly. (Bell, Mag.phos). Less affected by excessive heat of the summer or cold of the winter. Liver-hob nailed, of the alcoholics. Less elastin pathologies like Varicose, Piles etc.  Likes travelling to different corners of the world. Lots of effort and activity followed by weakness and exhaustion.

U:- Ulcers; Red edges and vesicles,copious discharges, worse from warmth and better from cold, violent pains like streaks of lightning ,confined to a small spot. Urination ameliorates headache. Ulcer over the tibia. Ugly look of the ulcers and face (extra sharp features). Uterine prolapses.

O:- Old looking young people. Old cicatrices become inflamed around the edges and itch violently. Onychia. Offensive or pungent perspiration on the male sexual organs. Offensive feet. Osteomyleitis. Old cases of nocturnal fever coming on periodically. Ogles at women in the street. Old age too, there is increased sexual desire and excessive enjoyment.

R:- Rapid caries of the teeth. Ridged nails. Rapid speech, rapid eating, hurried often. Right sided complaints. Responsibility, averse to. Rashness, roving about in search of girls, restlessness.

I:- Increased ability to exercise without danger. Indifference to loved ones, relations, business affairs, to important things. Itching especially in the orifices and in spots, worse by warmth. Induration of mesodermal tissues, causes tumours, corns, Keloids, and warts. Intolerences to social norms. Industrious, without weakness, can work consecutively days and night, but bored easily and changes jobs frequently. Impulsive to walk fast, necessity to be always on the move.

C:- Complaints of old age, or of premature old age, Cannot bear the extremes of heat and cold in summer and winter. Cracks on the tongue in all directions. Craves highly pungent foods. Casual attitude during his case taking. Capricious, carefree. Cold baths are desired.

A:- Abdominal pains after water melons, fish, and vinegar. Aversion to all about him, even his own family.  Allopecia. Acrid leucorrhoea. Anxiety, walks rapidly, which makes him walk still faster. Aggravated generally from heat, extremely warm blood , from warm drinks or warm applications in the summer. Ameliorated generally from cold bathing.  Ailments from: Syphilis, abuse of mercury or silica, from celibacy. Adulterous, amative, absorbed in the fulfillment of his sexual urges. Aversion to Parents. As if air is passing down from shoulder to fingers. As if hot smoke or vapor coming through all orifices.

C:- Caries and Necrosis, especially of long bones, in psoric or syphilitic subjects,or after abuse of mercury or silica. Capillary aneurism. Coryza: copious, watery discharge, “Runs like a faucet”. Cunning. Character,lack of. Coition ameliorates in general, company,  desire for.

I:- Impaired hearing, ameliorated by bending head backward. Inability to realize responsibility, intimacy with anyone, Irresistable desire for stimulant and seasoned food, but with aversion to coffee. Infidelity,indulgence in sexual matters,inebriated, indifference to loved ones and family members but animated to strangers.

D:- Diseases of the bones especially of long bones, better from cold. Decubitus ulcers. Desires cold bathing.  Delusion, marriage must dissolve, Delusion, betrothal must be broken. Delusion, that he must drive children out of house. Deceitful. Domineering, materialistic, with sexual pre occupation. Devianat sexual behaviors, excessive promiscuity. Discharges from ulcers, eyes, and nose are very much acrid and excoriating. Even the sweat is acrid. Debility and profound weakness like all acids, runs through the remedy, enhanced probably by his sexual indulgences too. Diarrhoea from warm drinks. Dropsy of the limbs in old feeble constitution. Destructive remedy with destruction at all levels: destruction of will, destruction of morals, destruction of tissues, destruction of relationships too.




  1. A very interesting remedy only ever had one client that fitted like a hand in a glove, amazing to watch


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