Five Ways Digitization Will Impact Healthcare In 2019

Artificial intelligence

In 2019, we are able to see and feel digital marketing all around us. Whether we see some commercials, hear of them through our social media, stumble upon them in our favourite shopping mall or even in our email inbox; digital marketing surrounds us, and as it seems, it won’t go away soon. Digital marketing companies in Dubai and broader UAE are thriving by securing their clients with the best digital marketing strategies specially selected for their businesses. Since UAE is known for having a high number of young companies, having an excellent digital marketing strategy today is of essential importance for the success of almost any business. In case you’re searching for the best digital marketing agency Dubai, look no more. Contact us immediately and let us know how we can help.

Healthcare industry has improved a lot in recent years, but the things that can make the healthcare industry even better will come shortly. Digitization will have a massive impact on the healthcare industry in numerous ways. What digital marketing and digitization, in general, can do for healthcare is astonishing. Today, we’ll talk more about how will digitization impact healthcare in 2019, in which ways as well as why is it all beneficial for us? Daniel Newman wrote an article about this topic for Forbes magazine. Read more about what Daniel had to say about all this by following this link

What Will Happen?

Digitization, as we already know, is happening all around us, but some industries are still trying to apply digitization into their everyday work. Implementing digitization should simplify our lives as well as bring us various benefits. But how can digitization impact healthcare? What can it do to make it faster and better for all of us? It’s simple. Any digital agency Dubai, will tell you that the implementation of digital marketing into any business or industry can significantly improve their business as well as client numbers and revenue.

How can it be done? By analyzing your current strategy and status, digital marketing agency Dubai will come up with the appropriate solution for the healthcare industry and do whatever they can to improve the overall ratings of the industry. What methods will they use? Here are some examples:

Website Development, Brand Awareness, Advertisement

The first steps to a successful digital marketing strategy are building a fully SEO optimized website, and optimizing all of your online content as well by SEO standards and presenting your industry or business through all the channels possible so that people will remember your brand. Advertising throughout all the digital media will significantly improve your ratings and online presence. Facebook ads, Google AdWords, banner ads, and numerous others are only some of the possibilities to advertise digitally.
Social media platforms
Social Media Platforms

Social media became a significant part of any digital marketing strategy. Having social media pages active will allow your potential customers to communicate with you directly, get all the information and answers they need in real-time, and by following your page, they’ll get to know everything that’s happening inside your business. Social media pages will play their crucial role in building up your online ratings and online presence as well.

In What Ways Can Digitization Impact Healthcare?

Digitization is slowly becoming an essential part of any business and industry today. There are numerous ways in which digitization can have a significant impact on healthcare, and we’ll mention some of them:

Healthcare Digital Services

People are still more or less unwilling to use digital services in healthcare. Remember the times when you went to your physician only to schedule an appointment and then wait for your turn or come back another day? These times are long gone thanks to digital services in healthcare. Now you can schedule your appointments upfront using your mobile phone or computer.

Mobile Health Apps

Mobile apps regarding Health, Wellness & Lifestyle, became very popular in recent years. Numerous apps can have a significant impact on mobile healthcare. Some apps will track your daily movements and tell you the details about your daily health needs, while others are there to inform us and teach us about various remedies, we may use to improve our health. Read more about natural remedies for multiple illnesses on this page


When it comes to digital services, patients prefer innovative features like more detailed information display, critical information presentation instead of circling around, and more innovative solutions regarding the apps themselves. The more comfortable they are to use – the better.

Making Life Easier For Everyone

Allowing the patients to have access to apps that contain crucial information about the healthcare system, in general, will be of vital importance for easier manipulation. By knowing upfront what should they do, who should they visit, and where should they go will by far benefit both the system and the patients themselves.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Some healthcare systems around the world have implemented an AI which helps them in tracking and gathering patient’s information and overall health. AI combined with deep learning can help patients much faster with CAT and body scans since it can perform in-depth analysis with much more accurate results than a team of radiologists can perform.