Five Qualities in Men That Draw Women

Attractive man


There is a lot of false claims about what really attracts women in men. Somesaythateverythingdependsonthesizeofyourwalletwhileothersclaimthatyoushouldbehandsomeandfit. Butwhenwelookaroundandwatchthecoupleswalkingdownthestreet, we will see that all of those claims are as far from the truth as possible. Probablywoman’spreferencesarenotsodependableonappearanceandfinances. What then? Maybesomeinnerqualitiesofmen? Yep, you are right on the money. So, without further ado check the top five qualities that women appreciate in men.

A Straightforward Man

While a lot of people will argue that this is the trait which is really hard to cope with, it is basically the truth. We live in the world that is passive-aggressive in its nature. We got used to pretending that we didn’t hear something offensive or to pretend that it is okay. Yep, if you are straightforward, it means that you will tell her what you really think about the way she looks, the way she dresses, and it may not be that pleasant for her to hear it. So, what is so valuable about being straightforward? Well, honest and straightforward men don’t care how other people will react so they say what they think. Such man will help his woman be the best, and in long-term-perspective it is a great thing.

A Man Can Laugh At Himself

Womenfindmenwhotaketheirworkseriouslycuteandreliable, but they can’t stand men who take themselves way too seriously. Women at Vip brides dating admit that they fancy men with a good Sense of humor. Imagine how easy you can win her if you can laugh at yourself? Being able to laugh at yourself means that you have a great sense of humor and she will never feel overshadowed by your importance in his life.

A Man Who Is Generous With His Time

You may say that women like gifts and flowers, but remember J Lo’svideo “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”? She, or at least her character in the video, needed her boyfriend to be around, and not another expensive bracelet. Some rules apply to other women. You can fill her house with thousands of expensive gifts. Shelves may be cracking under them. Still, she won’t find a reason for the continuation of your relationships if you are unable to devote her sometime. That’s why women like men who are generous with their time. Gifts are also great, but they only count if you have time to spend together with her.

A Compassionate Man

How often men consider troubles of women to be less relevant than their own? How often they say that they have no time to discuss the problems of their girlfriends? Well, those men forget that empathy is one of the most powerful emotions. If you are unable to understand her sorrow and if you are unable to support her in hard times, what’s the use of these relationships? If you are compassionate and understanding, she will adore you for these qualities.

A Man Who Learns From His Mistakes

Humans are very far from being perfect. We could reduce the number of mistakes if we would admit them. Women like men who can admit that they were wrong, as admittance leads to fixing the problem.

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