Ferrum Phos

FERRUM PHOS 12X can be given to the toddler for a week or two, to strengthen his little body while it is growing so rapidly.
Dr. M. Blackie




  1. I have Had great success with Iris vesicolour in real migraine attacks where there is nausea and vision impairment. And i believe there is a pancreatic connection

  2. Gave it to a man whose knose had Been bleeding for a week. It stopped in 24 hours

  3. Yes! I get them 2-3 times a month, sometimes more. I do have to take it as soon as the symptoms start and every couple of hours but it definitely works. I still have some dizziness and nausea but the pain is cut by 80% so instead of being stuck in bed for two days, I am able to function!! I also just found a homeopathic migraine remedy combo by The Relief Products, that has helped tremendously as well.

  4. Stephen Norman can u tell me if ferrum phos really does help in migraines as I have terrible bouts on and off


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