U.S. Physicians Raise Serious Questions About FDA Statements Regarding Teething Products

FDA Teething products

Washington, D.C.:  Physicians trained in integrative medicine today raised concerns that the FDA may have overreacted or worse when issuing warnings about homeopathic teething products earlier this year.

Based on a review of the FDA’s own data, obtained through a formal FOI request, research experts with the American Institute of Homeopathy point out that close analysis of the data tells a very different story than the one conveyed by the FDA.

“Data on seizures fails to demonstrate an increased risk, reports of deaths fail to demonstrate a correlation, and reports of accidental ingestions fail to document serious adverse reactions of any kind,” said AIH President Dr. Ronald Whitmont MD.  “All of this adds up to reports that don’t prove causality or reflect an increased risk from these products.”

According to the AIH experts, the FDA’s actions in this matter appear to constitute a gross dereliction of duty and that premature warnings without even rudimentary scientific inquiry suggest prejudicial intent. “The FDA, whose mission statement is to protect public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, has erred, and their actions might be interpreted as an attempt to railroad homeopathy out of the public marketplace, which they were successful in doing with respect to homeopathic teething products,” said Dr. Whitmont.

Read entire statement here: http://homeopathyusa.org/journal/ajhm-journal/ajhm-issues-2017/president-s-letter.html