One of the worst cases of facial erysipelas I ever met, was cured by Ferrum phos. and Natrum sulphuricum.
The face and head were swollen and nearly covered with the eruption; the patient could not see; there was present great fever and rapidity of pulse, foul coated tongue, torpidity of the bowels, scant urine, pain in the head, loss of sleep, etc.

The remedies were given one hour apart. Nothing could have worked nicer, to the great surprise of himself and friends, as they all thought the case hopeless.
Dr. Chapman

The principal remedy in the inflammatory stage, for the heat, redness, pain, fever, etc.

Rose erysipelas, externally and internally.




  1. My friend is having whole soles of his feet turned jet black and deep cracks on the rear side of both feet. Will this medicine is of any remedy?

  2. Wish I’d known about this years ago when I got this condition ! Drs didn’t know what it was – didn’t get the medication right to start with and it really got a hold. It’s an awful dreadful and painful condition – really frightening – if only I’d known about this !


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