Eczema is an acute or chronic, non- contagious inflammation of the skin, characterized by either an erythematous, papular, vesicular or pustular- eruption, or a combination of these, accompanied with burning, itching and more or less infiltration, terminating either in discharge with the formation of crusts, or in desquamation.

It may commence abruptly or gradually, and may run its course in a few weeks or last for months or years.

Acute eczema’s may vary somewhat in their general characters, according to their location and the temperament of the patient.

Eczema usually travels, from head to foot as age advances. It appears more particularly on the head in infancy and youth, descends to the trunk and genitals as adult life approaches, and appears on the lower limbs as its victim gets older.

Some individuals are so constituted that their skins are ever ready, on the slightest provocation to take on diseased states. In such persons anything which tends to lower the average degree of health, is apt, other things being equal, to give rise to an attack of eczema.

Diseased states of the kidneys or bowels, and an inactive skin, whereby the proper excretory functions are interfered with, frequently produce and keep up the disease.

Gouty and rheumatic patients are prone to attacks of eczema.

In children, dentition plays an important part. Pregnancy at times occasions an outbreak.

At times eczema becomes substitutive. And so occasionally it may be seen to disappear from the skin in connection with the development of a bronchitis, leucorrhcea, or intestinal catarrh or vice versa. Its disappearance is thus looked upon as a consequence, not a muse of the latter.

Homeopathy is probably the only recourse for the patient who is suffering from Eczema. This is because it recognises that this condition that has its roots elsewhere, which only Homeopathy can get to and resolve.

A homeopath will take into account all your symptoms and will find the right remedy for your particular condition.

We discuss some the remedy resonance for Eczema. There could be other remedies that are specific to your condition.





  1. I suffered eczema since 2011 – I only healed 1 year ago…

    For me it could really be leaky gut ?But I am not tested for thyroid issues so who knows?

    Do you think if one takes thyroid medications then eczema will go away?


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