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A young lady, aged 24. Had been troubled every month since her puberty with severe pains in the uterus, back and loins, beginning several hours previous and continuing during the first two days of period. Pains so severe that they seemed almost unbearable.

On second day of flow she had hysteric fits.

On the third day, when a membrane was discharged, she was free from pain, and flowed from six to seven days each month.

Magnesia phos. , relieved the pain in an hour.

Next month I advised her to take the medicine three times per day, beginning a day before the period. She had but very slight pain this time. The process was repeated the third month, when there was no pain. Since that time she has had no return of the pain.

M. F. Richards, M. D.




  1. Mag phos has so many works in our body’s metabolism not only in pain relief but at cardiac arrest it acts wonderfully I am experienced for months In treating the heart disease patients as a biochemic practitioner.

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