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Dr Torako Yui is a leading person who brought homoeopathy to Japan on a full scale.
Her approach to genuine health is based on multilateral viewpoints such as a way of living, a way of thinking (Inner child healing and faith), importance of food, etc.

In the late 1980s, she was working for a TV company and fell in ulcerative colitis due to the stress, but it was cured by homoeopathy, then she changed her career to a homoeopath from a journalist.

After that, she had been practising homœopathy in the U.K. She started to give homoeopathic consultations and lectures in Japan since 1996; this was the beginning of
homoeopathy without any side-effects to be accepted in Japan rapidly and Dr Yui had too many Japanese patients to deal with by herself.

One after the other, she established the organisations necessary to ground homœopathy in Japan. Amongst her, accomplishments were the establishments of the first Japanese homoeopathic educational institute
(College of Holistic Homoeopathy: CHhom) and the first Japanese homoeopathic professional organisation
(Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association: JPHMA), to spread homœopathy promptly and widely. Since
then, she has kept producing homoeopaths with high level till now. She also focused on educating the public
about the splendour of homœopathy through lectures, so that people could learn to treat themselves at home. She
established a delivery system of homœopathic remedies and remedy home kits at low cost to make them
accessible to people in Japan.

Dr Torako encountered patients who were difficult to be cured by homoeopathy in her daily practices and thought for the reason and found three answers;

1. Iatrogenic diseases caused by conventional drugs and

2. Food-related diseases from eating vegetables grown with agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilisers.

3. Inner child diseases that one blame and hurts oneself. The curative rate of Japanese patients became much higher by adding the solutions for this three type of diseases.
In particular, she launched homoeopathic natural farming from her wish “Agriculture must be changed for people to get healthy because foods make the life. I would like to provide food with high nutritive value and produce cosmetics that are safe to put on the skin by becoming a farmer.” since 2002.

In Japan, a big disaster, the Great East Japan earthquake occurred on 11 March 2011. Dr Torako promptly hastened to the affected area to distribute her original combination remedy ‘Support AAA’ for PTSD for free and deliver safe and secured vegetables and water from her farms.
The scene that people at the affected area desperately demanded safe food was shocking for her to decide further development of natural farming. She established an Agricultural cooperative Nippon TOYOUKE
Natural Farming to develop her original natural farming in a full scale and work on sixth-sector industrialisation (promotion of primary producers’ diversification into processing and distribution). TOYOUKE
grows vegetables, plants, crops, herbs, flowers on healthy soil from home-produced seeds without using any GMO, F1 hybrid seeds, agricultural chemicals at all and produce general lifestyle products such as cosmetics, ready-made meals, drinks and so on that main ingredients are vegetables and herbs from TOYOUKE farms and
carefully selected. They are safe and gentle to our lives and environment so that people can consume at ease.

Zen Homoeopathy

Dr Torako devised the Zen homœopathy through spreading and practising homoeopathy in Japan with kept
reviewing Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the origin of homoeopathy.
Our pathology in modern days has unquestionably become complicated and conventional homoeopathic prescription sometimes cannot deal with it. However, there is a hope in the

Zen homoeopathy.

The core of the Zen homœopathy is three-dimensional prescription (homœopathic prescription to treat the soul, the mind and the body as in the Trinity).
Diseases cannot get a real cure as long as these three levels are not healed simultaneously.
Treatment of the mind: treats a chronic emotional stress which caused a disease.
Treatment of the body: treats a chronic emotional stress which caused a disease, and treat a symptom of disease or malfunction or dysfunction of an organ which sits in a deep part of the symptom.
Treatment of the soul: treats a chronic miasm by using a chronic miasm remedy which is the fundamentally the problem of a disease.

If there is an iatrogenic disease, a food-related disease, or an environment-related disease, remedies to eliminate the harmful effects are also prescribed together.

However, homœopathy has limitations on diseases of the soul and the mind. For this, Inner child healing plays a direct part in the Zen homœopathy’s approach to diseases of the soul and the mind.
In this way, the Zen homoeopathy was devised for the current situation that we cannot lead patients to be cured
without having a multilateral approach to healings of mind and soul at the same time.
Many patients who suffered from intractable diseases that conventional medicine declared ‘incurable’ were cured by the Zen homœopathy, which is a combination of three-dimensional prescription and affectionate words (inner child healing) from homœopaths.
Dr Torako Yui wishes blessings of the Zen homœopathy to be known to more people for patients who suffer from intractable diseases.

Dr Torako Yui has been lecturing about the Zen homoeopathy in all over Japan, India, U.K., Germany, the Netherland, Belgium, the U.S.A., Dubai, etc. and has gained a high reputation from home and overseas.
She supervised the Japanese translation of ‘Organon der Heilkunst 6. Auflage’ and ‘Die Chronischen Krankheiten 2. Auflage’ from the original German language. Numerous books, articles and translations.

‘Organon der Heilkunst 6. Auflage’ and ‘Die Chronischen Krankheiten 2. Auflage’ from the original German language. Numerous books, articles and translations.

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  1. I just wish we had good homeopaths in Melbourne Australia…. Seems like they have no idea about helping with my daughters Ulcerative Colitis!!!!!!
    She is just getting ripped off !!!!

  2. Congrats ma’m.your works are really for the best treatment of mankind.really now a days the pathology has got so much complicated that review is must.actually the homoeopaths are doing as need to treat the ills as they can whether it is personally or otherwise.your efforts are so praise worthy. I am a registered homoeopathic doctor,but I practice the tissue remedies of Dr.w schusschler.my experience is of 8years.In the light of organon of medicine of Dr.Hahnemann and Dr.Schusschler’s theory of tissue salts I practice. My efforts are to treat the ills in various chronic diseases in low costs and the can arrive to a safe station from the grabs of horrible,terrific diseases.best wishes for you.have successful time.

  3. DR, TORAKU YUI, congratulation from Abdul malek,
    propitor, jonosheba Homiopathi clinic


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