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PHILOSOPHYHOMEOPATHYDr Torako Yui on the homoeopathic approach to Dengue fever

Dr Torako Yui on the homoeopathic approach to Dengue fever

It is reported in Japanese news a day after day that a sudden outbreak of dengue fever in Yoyogi park, followed in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park in central Tokyo.
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infectious disease which is common in Southeast Asia.

Although there is no serious case in Japan yet, it can be developed into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, when it gets worse.
However, the onset is rare even people are infected and the ratio of dengue hemorrhagic fever is not so high.
Despite this fact, many people are feeling anxious as several people confirmed as being infected in Japan.
JPHMA has been also enquired about the homoeopathic approach to dengue fever these days.

In homoeopathy, Eup-per. is famous for dengue fever which is also often used for influenza.
However, as ways of symptom appearance are varied as it was in new strains of influenza,
we should take the difference into account when we approach homoeopathically.
Therefore, we should know more details about homoeopathic approach based on characters of dengue fever.
We therefore, interviewed Dr Torako Yui how to deal with dengue fever
from viewpoint of homoeopathic pathology as we did it for Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

JPHMA Homoeopathy News editorial team (JHNET):
Which homoeopathic remedies are suitable for dengue fever?

Dr Yui: Let’s analyse with TBR (*1) as same as usual homoeopathic consultation.
(Dr Yui selected TBR rubrics based on main symptoms of dengue fever.
At the same time, she picked up remedies which match symptoms of dengue fever
from Hahnemann’s Materia Medica.)

The rubrics of TBR software are as it shown below.

1. # 1379 GENERAL – Generals – Skin (Skin in general) – Sores – petechiae
2. # 117 REGIONAL – Head – Nose – Bleeding (epistaxis) from the nose
3. # 659 SYSTEMIC – Cardiovascular – Haemorrhage (bleeding) from inner parts
4. # 426 STSTEMIC – Evacuation & Stools Stool – acrid bloody
5. # 1127 GENERAL – Generals – Swelling – in general of inner parts
6. # 1472 GENERAL – Generals – Skin Eruptions – Miliary (miliaria rubra, heat rash [prickly heat])
7. # 1955 MODALITIES – Situation & Circumstance – Fluids (“animal” fluids, body fluids) –
from the loss of
8. # 656 SYSTEMIC – Cardiovascular – Blood & Circulation – Abundance of blood (plethora)
9. # 1256 GENERAL – Generals – Musculoskeletal – Bones in general – Tearing pressing (& aching)

Dr Yui: If I analyse dengue fever symptoms based on homoeopathic pathology,
ascites or pleural fluid occur due to diapedesis of blood serum.
On the other hand, density of blood gets higher which causes bad circulation.
As the platelet gets decreased, the infected person easily bleeds.

Homeopathic remedies for Dengue

Homoeopathic remedies resulted by TBR rubrics based on 9 typical symptoms of dengue fever are as shown below.

Kali-brom. and Arn. for blood disruption.

Kali-iod., Iod., Bry. are goods for dealing with ascites.

New snake combination remedies which I formulated also match with pleural fluid.

Eup-per., Acon., and Baptisia for sudden fever.

Of course, Bell. and Stram. will be good for fever with excitement and obnubilation.

If the high fever repeats up and down, alternating Chin. and Sulph. according to Hahnemann’s teaching is also good.

As homoeopathy is based on law of similars, if Gels. which is recorded for dengue fever in clinical experiences in the past matches with the picture of symptom along with Arn. and Bry. which are on TBR.

Although it is strange why dengue fever came to Japan, we should not blame for parks and mosquitoes.

Let’s build strong mind and body which are resistant to diseases.

It is important to promote internal purification by using homoeopathic remedies when acute symptoms such as fever, cough, phlegm, eruptions at colds regularly.
If we gets cold, we should complete the symptoms without suppressing them.

Please let me suggest a standard prescription by ZEN method (*2) which I created.
Hahnemann also suggested a standard prescription for epidemic by capturing totality and
made a great success.


< As required >
Add Snake combination (Crot-h., Elaps., Habu-Japanese in 30C), Eup-per. 6C,
Acon. 30C and Baptisia 30C into Echinacea mother tincture, which has strong affinity with blood.

< Morning >
Ars. LM3 or Phos. LM1
They are the remedies to boost physical strength rapidly from fatigue.

< Noon >
Carc. LM2 or Syph. LM2
They are the remedies when blood formation is difficult.

< Evening >
Bry. LM3 or Arn. LM3
TBR indicates Arn. It stops bleeding and promotes blood circulation.
Brs. enhances elimination and detoxication.

JPHMA Homoeopathy News Editorial team Sep 9 2014
The original article can be read here


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