Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

dr muhammed rafeeque

I was lucky to be born into a family whose first choice of treatment is always homeopathy. Since my childhood, I have seen many people getting cured by Homeopathy. However, no one in our family had taken it as a profession, so I was lucky to be the first Homeopath in the family.

I got my BHMS from Bharathesh Homoeopathic medical college, Belgaum, Karnataka. Later, I was trained by Dr Nasarudeen and Dr Shoyson, Kerala, Dr Chimthanawala, Nagpur, and Dr S K Banerjea, Kolkatta.

There is a long list, which includes my teachers and the people who trained me later. The pioneers also there in the list including many contemporary Homeopaths who have inspired me.

The success of Homeopathy is not one or two individual Homeopaths making wonderful cures, but all of us doing the same in a better way. As a Homeopath, the most gratifying achievement to see is Homeopathy becoming the first choice of therapy all over the world. There are different methods to make the system grow; the most important is curing the sick. Other methods have a supportive role.

He is a Medical Officer in the Department of Homeopathy, Govt of Kerala. He is the author of Be a Master of Materia Medica, Rapid prescribing, Drug Addiction and Its Side effects- A Homoeopathic Approach, A Capsule of Materia Medica. His first book is also translated into Spanish; also the latest one will be published in French shortly. He has authored more than 100 articles on Homeopathy and cured cases; also presented papers during various National and International seminars such as LIGA Conference at New Delhi, PPHM Seminar at Malaysia, HMAI Seminar at Kolkatta, Skoura International seminar, Morocco, IHK’s National seminar at Trivandrum, GHF Seminar at Calicut, Webinar for CHE, Canada, etc. He is also the IRB member of American Medical College of Homeopathy, and the advisor of ARHFC, Canada, and Homeopathy world community, USA. He is the life member if IHK, IHMA and LMHI.




  1. Best blog.West Bengal persons first try homeopathy if fail go to allopath.Punjabi says small goli of no use they first go to allopath create kidney liver failure near end seek advice homeopath if can help as last resort just bad luck.My sinusitis was cured by Bengali homeopath arsiod kalibich then causticum he said is autoimmune.God bless you.

  2. A very noble person at heart and a very good homeopath and ever ready to help other fellow homeopaths.

  3. Please help me sir I hv lot of lipoma in my whole body .Before I take homeo pathic medicine for this reason. But no relief. Can u help me and tell what I can do. ….


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