Dr. Beatriz H. Hill

Beatriz H Hill

Her medical degree is from Instituto Guatemalteco de medicina (IGMAN), and she gained her Master Classical Homeopath (6 years) from Escuela Homeopatica de las Américas.

Beatriz has a long list of impressive credentials, and she is a registered member of the ASOCIACION GUATEMALTECA DE PROFESIONALES HOMEOPATAS.

She speaks of her love for homeopathy, and her calling.

I got interested in homeopathy in a seminar where they mentioned homeopathy as a way to cure mental, emotional, and physical, and I as a philosophy have a promise to do no harm, as the doctor talked i realized, that was what i was looking for.

So I asked the universe to give me the opportunity to study homeopathy since here there no schools.One year later Dr. Karl Robinson founded in Guatemala The Homeopathy School of the Américas which included Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala
So we founded the schools with the Houston University and Homeopaths without borders

I studied 12 years to be an homeopath with the School.

We registered finally,
As an homeopath George Vithoukas has made the most impact the way he knows Materia médica, the academy he runs and the place he works is like paradise, I used to tell If paradise exists is here, living and studying in paradise.

I would like that homeopathy to be part of the medical schools, but now we made it legal, we are 21 registered homeopaths, and I Am the first one invited last month to be part of the staff to the Health Department as an homeopath for treatments within their employees.

Beatriz writes the REMEDY OF THE Day on “I Love Homeopathy”, and she is managing the new Spanish site of I LOVE HOMEOPATHY.




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