Dr. A U Ramakrishnan

“My father, a Homeopath and medical doctor (MD) was my mentor, inspiring me to complete my conventional medical training.

Homeopathic training followed my MD, when I was trained in The London Faculty of Homeopathy, by Marjorie Blackie. My father also inspired my sister and brother to follow the medical, Homeopathic path. It was the loss of my siblings to Cancer that set my primary focus on Cancer more than 40 years ago. Back then, in my own practice, I was not having success treating Cancer, either. Over years, in trying different combinations of of dosing and potencies, my Plussing method was born. I have learned how to treat and manage Cancer cases, sometimes with cure, often stabilization, and when necessary palliation.

Over the 14 years since I first set down my method of treating Cancer, for the benefit of Homeopathic practitioners and patients, my method has evolved. In that time the number of Cancer cases I’ve treated has tripled, from 5,000 to more than 15,000. In reviewing many of my old cases, I noted that with this additional experience, I have refined my prescribing method and remedy selection. It is not that I set out to make changes, but now noting them, it is once again time to publish the updates and present an array of all new cases.




  1. Sir, any remedy for my chronic spinal cord inflammation.l am suffering bowel and bladder disorder.my walking is unsteady and my lower legs and foot seems gradually turns black in colour.all problems started from right leg then left.

  2. Sorry Mrs Jenkins for the mistake in your name. Hyper 7 ch. will do the job.

  3. My message is for Jucy Jenkins did you try Hypericum specific for injury to the nerf.

  4. can anyone find a homeopathy remedy for left frozen shulder since 5 months. after minor injury. pain at night in upper arm and baby finger numb in the mornings thanks

  5. I have some dear friends both with glioblastoma and hoping that maybe there’s some remedies to help them

  6. Ur indeed effort to ease humanity n human sufferings will encourage us like budding homoeopaths to come with such more innovation notions……..

  7. A small duration hard time teaches us a powerful lesson which after make us a great personality like the cancer special homeopathy doctor A.U RAMAKRISNAN.


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