Dengue is currently regarded globally as the most important mosquito-borne viral disease. A history of symptoms compatible with dengue can be traced back to the Chin Dynasty of 265–420 AD.

Dengue causes flu-like symptoms and lasts for 2-7 days. Dengue fever usually occurs after an incubation period of 4-10 days after the bite of the infected mosquito.

High Fever (40°C/ 104°F) is usually accompanied by at least two of the following symptoms:

Pain behind eyes
Nausea, vomiting
Swollen glands
Joint, bone or muscle pains

Here we discuss Remedy resonance for Dengue. Please consult a qualified homeopath for your condition. He will prescribe the right remedy based on your similimum.

Following a chill ; high fever, skin dry and hot with thirst, mental agitation, and bodily restlessness, dry cough.

Chill or chilliness, with fever which is attended by great weakness from the start, often with nausea and vomiting. The thirst is great but takes only a swallow and often. Restless, going from one place to another. Anxious; much dread of being left alone; gastric disturbance and diarrhea.

Cerebral form. Much drowsiness, with sudden starts from sleep. Throbbing headache. Face very much flushed and hot. Dread of light, noise or jar.

Aching in muscles, pain in limbs, but lying very quiet and dreading to be moved. Nausea on rising from chair or pillow. Sharp pains in chest, worse from deep breath or any movement.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Indispensable. Its symptomatology is a counterpart of “Bone breaker”. The chill is followed by pain in head and eyeballs, which are sore to the touch. Tongue coated white. Thirst for cold water, vomiting after drinking. Bruised, aching pain in back and hips. The body and extremities full of pain. Some hoarseness and cough. Vomiting of bile. The bone-pains, pain in eyeballs and back, with nausea and vomiting are characteristic.

Creeping chills and general lassitude; cannot get warm. Some prostration, with aching all over body. Eyeballs lame and lids feel heavy. Some fever
with pain at base of brain.

Rhus Tox
With intense backache relieved by lying on something hard. Tossing, zvith restlessness, especially of legs. Tongue very dry with red tip. Drowsy, typhoid condition, dreaming of hard work and full of fatigue. Better from moving about. Cannot keep still.




  1. कृपया हिन्दी मे भेजे तो कम से कम दस करोड़ लोग पढ़ेगे और ज्ञान का लाभ लेगे .

  2. Homeopathic remedies are matchless Aconite was first used by Master and till this day we are getting benefits from it, the miracles of Similia Similibus Curentur

  3. Will u please suggest proper Homeopathy medicine / biocombination medicine for vastabular disorder followed with vertigo age 63 female . very sensitive to weather and allergy with dust of any type even flour.

  4. Gelsemium + Eupatorium formula seems to work best in most cases. I’m a Brazilian homeopath, from Sao Paulo, and have helped many people with these two remedies. Including myself 🙂

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  6. Eupatorium Perf,Arscenic Alb,Gelsimium and Bryonia have generally helped dengue cases.

  7. Boyache. Headache . Chilliness. Large thirst before chilliness Eupetorium perf

  8. Yes. Very much true. In homeopathy system we have no nomiclature. Remedies depends on symptoms. They may vary person to person, area to area body constitution etc. We can take only one or two symptoms in the name of Dengue

  9. I had Dengue when I lived in Costa Rica. I was sick for about a month and finally Bryonia helped to resolve. It started one day when I was actually making homeopathic remedies. All of a sudden I started to shake uncontrollably and my jaw locked. I got deathly cold, lost all color in my face and collapsed. I was helped into bed and eventually veratrum alb got me out of the early stages and then I moved into a variety of other stages, until at last Bryonia came to the rescue. It was hell. Not something anyone wants to experience.

  10. How Bryonia helpful to dengue? Many cases treated, no case so far finds Bryonia symptoms. Even Belladona used in children as head ache or some nuerological pains practicality unexplained by them. I have huge relief and even cure comes with RHUSTOX/ ARSENICUM ALBUM/EUPOTORIUM PERF/ FERRUMPHOS – KALIMUR 6X COBINATION. Above all CROTOLUS HORRIDUS IN CHRONIC CASES, where very less Platellet count. I always used CARICA PAPAYA FRESH LEAF JUICE daily twice for 7 days in all cases along with Homeo remedies.

  11. Arsenicum is the best for prevention of colds and flu Aconite for someone with a fever

  12. Just found the remedy used in Brazil, hopefully my homeopath can make it up,ta

  13. Thanks, I was trying to find the actual remedies to prevent dengue, great read though

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