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C-Cross, irritable, clouded perception and memory. Cerebro-spinal meningitis .Constant nausea and vomiting,every month after menstruation.Cancer of the tongue with haemorrhage. Craving:Pork. Chest pain,worse while lying on the left side,worse ascending.Coldness in the stomach and abdomen as from a piece of ice.

R-Retinal haemorrhage of non inflammatory types.Right sided lying aggravates most of the complaints.Recurring yearly echymosis of the skin.Rectal bleeding aggravated by standing or walking.

O-Ozaena,blood black and stringy,after exanthemata or syphilis.Offensive menstrual discharges,Oedema of the tonsils with pain aggravated from empty swallowing.

T-Tendency to carbuncles or blood boils. Trembling of the whole body with vertigo. Tongue:firery red,smooth and polished,intensely swollen,difficulty in swallowing. Tearful mood while reading. Tired easily even by slight exertion.Tongue pain extending to abdomen.

A-Anxious, laboured breathing, Ailments from: fright, sun, alcohol,foul water and vaccination.Agg: lying on the right side, open air,evening,after sleep. Amel: Resting and fanning. Apoplectic convulsions with haemorrhage, Aversion to his family. Amblyopia from grief. Alcohol induced varicose veins.

L-Loquacious with desire to escape.Lachrymose mood,lightning induced vertigo.

U-Utters unclearly in delirium state.

S_ Symptoms usually right sided ,eg: Right sided headache,right sided paralysis of extremities.Sepsis often with generalized haemorrhage as in disseminated intra vascular coagulation. Stumbles over his words, sensation of lump of ice in the stomach.

H-Haemorrhages from every orifice of the body, even from the pores of the skin.Headache:must walk on tip-toe to avoid jarring.

O-Offensive stools,black and coffee ground like,offensive fetid diarrhoea Often melancholic and sluggish.

R-Rectum:Blood oozes when standing or walking.

I-Indicated in yellow fever,in the stage of black vomit,when there is low delirium,yellow skin and oozing of blood from every orifice of the body.In intimate relationship with signs and symptoms of black water fever with its characteristic haemorrhage.

D-Delirium especially at night,delusions of cerebral decay,dreams of dead.Dark,besotted face.

U-Uterine diseases of malignant type with great tendency to haemorrhage of dark blood.Uterine haemorrhage(menorrhagia) with senstaion of faintness in the stomach.

S-Smell of breath mould like.Soreness of the skin to touch, is relieved by pressure. Skin: cold and dry. Sleeps into his symptoms.





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