Constipation is an effect, not a disease. Sedentary habits; an improper quality or quantity of food ; the use of refined flour ; mental anxiety ; diseases of the liver are some of the reasons for constipation. Frequently, it is because of the loss of tone of the mucous lining of the intestines, from the misuse of purgatives.

Here we discuss only some of the remedies for constipation. There are many more which a homeopath might suggest as a remedy based on the totality of the symptom.

Nux vomica: Constipation, with nausea and sickness in the morning, distension and heaviness of the stomach, irritated, fullness or pain in the head, uneasy sleep, etc. Constipation following a binge, eating too much or too much of variety of food at one time ; excessive study, and sedentary habits.

Bryonia: Constipation from inactivity of the bowels (thus differing from the ineffectual or irregular action of Nux vomica) ; constipation, with chilliness, headache, and irritability, or associated with rheumatism, or heat of the weather.

Opium: Obstinate constipation, with a feeling as if the anus were closed ; hard and lumpy stools ; headache, dizziness, dry mouth, thirst, listlessness, and dusky face ; also in chronic
cases, from too little out-of-door exercise.

Podophyllum: Constipation, with flatulence and headache, depression of spirits, and disposition to ” bilious ” condition.

Sulphur: Habitual constipation, piles, burning and itching of the anus, etc. It is also valuable as an intercurrent remedy, and frequently aids the action of Nux.




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