Chronic of

Chronic of

The CHRONIC of Arsenicum album is ……




  1. The chronicity of Arsenicum Album is the intoxication of mixed with different alcohol and great sensitiveness.

  2. In asthmatic conditions… Thuja follows well after arsenic.. (Kent lectures)

  3. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY Kindly explain what is mean by chronic? the case which arsenic fail to cure is it a chronic?

  4. Arsenic itself in my experience not give good results when i give it for leuchorrea to a patient then in its bad effect it causes late periods of that women before that this patient does not have this type of complain.

  5. Aconite for cold used. Aconite are also available for cold. And for fever belladonna is act well but remember that bell and aconite are inimical to each other so be care full.

  6. I do not study like this. I choose one remedy and I preacribe it in acute or chronic disease . The difference is the potency and how many times you give it to the patient. I select the mind and physical symptons and I give one remedy only. If it does not act the way I expect or if the results are good but effect does not endure and the remedy is confirmed, I give a higher

  7. Sir pl i want to ask,in initial stages of cold fever and headache.i give bryoniaalba 30 to my it right.thanku

  8. Arsenicum album is used to treat serious acute, aliments, chronic diseases and acute colds, bronchitis, and fevers


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