Chronic of

What is the Chronic of NUX VOMICA?




  1. Hmmm….now I get it…..Acute to Chronic and Cognate relationship between Sepia and Nux vomica…..A bilious fever in a Sepia constitution may require Nux v … .returns to Sepia state as fever subsides

  2. And what after Sepia? Something from the mineral-world? Depending more from the personal symptoms?

  3. So interesting! So if nux fits many of my sympyoms, but sepia does as well, I should go with sepia?

  4. Bhai logo mujhe advice dijiye mujhe pet saf nahi rahata h constipation rahata h all time toilet hard rahta h gas banta rahata h and dhire dhire gas pass hota rahta h toilet jata hu ti pressure hi nahi banta filhall me bahut jyada pareshan hu koi bhi nuskha kam nahi kar raha h chronic appetite rahati h

  5. je dirais…nausées, mauvaise digestion ? (en fait digérer tout ce qui nous apporte de l’inconfort) quoi d’autre ? les spécialistes sauront répondre !

  6. You could ask what is the complementary Rem. But Nux is a chron. rem as well as an acute of course…I agree with Onkar Gupta and Mayuri Patil

  7. Who told dat Nux v z not for chr ds…..sulph z comp. It z not d chr of nv…
    M vry much surps dat so many pepl ans to dis quest by some medcn as a chronic of nv.

  8. नाक से पानी बहुत आता है( right) एक तरफसे ही आता है।शाम को right नाक बंद हो जाती है।दोनो आँखो से भी पानी आता है।

  9. Хм. Ссылка была вроде на особенности нукса как хронического средства

  10. We post the answers to all our posts 24 hours after, to give everyone the chance to try. Thank you for following our posts. 🙂

  11. I agree to that, would be great to get the right answer from I Love Homeopathy after few hours of play 🙂

  12. Hi I’m dr. Sanjeev Batra bhms from nhmc Delhi .
    Nux vomica indigestion k liye best medicine he iski higher potency ka ek dose sharab ki aadat ko chudwa deta he


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