Chronic of

Which remedy is the Chronic of BELLADONNA?




  1. Robin Faith yes I have used Aconite and caendula in high as constitutional remedies yet Calcis chronic of bell practically.When constitutionally calc creates fever bell almost by default steps in.

  2. Robin Faith Hm. I think it depends on how you repertorise. The question I think that needs to be answered is – is this really an acute or is the acute still part of the “constitutional” remedy picture.

  3. This is in the context of when Bell. is being used as an acute. Nearly every remedy has a chronic and it cane helpful in figuring that out in a case or confirming your prescription as a Homeopath that the constitutional remedy is correct.

  4. Calcarea Carbonica. I found that on Occassion it followed beautifully …to finish the case. Was essential in fact.

  5. Belladonna is the chronic of Belladonna. Why should there not be a chronic Belladonna?

  6. ilovehomeopathy Something’s wrong w these teasers … your site doesn’t provide the answers (it used to).


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