Clinical case

A woman aged fifty years has had constipated bowels for a long time, now for two weeks she has had haemorrhoids, as is usually the case during the menstrual period. They are now present about midway between periodical visitations.
Her symptoms are:
1. Constipation; difficult passing of motion.
2. External haemorrhoids from exertion after stools.
3. Biting, stinging sensation as if the rectal membrane were torn.
5. After stool all the nerves of the pelvis seem in a high degree of tension, and the flesh of the perineum feels as if it has been torn from the bones.
6. Aching from the lumbar region down the thighs.
7. Sleepless before midnight.
8. Peevish disposition.
9. Melancholy; over troubles about family affairs.

What would you prescribe for her and how did you arrive at the remedy?




  1. The underlying manifestation is the Psora. Therefore Psorinum 1m may be given and watched before other medicines considered.

  2. I think 3 close running remedies in this case are 1.Aesculus, 2.Ratanhia
    3.Nitric acid.
    Similimum for this case seems to be Aesculus.
    1.Aesculus covers external piles with a kind of mechanical obstruction.
    2.Portal venous stasis with backache is covered by aesulus.
    So aesculus 1M stat and wait.

  3. For fifty years old women colinsonia 30 three time daily Hydrastis Q ten drops at night daily


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