Case of Ulcers of the Cornea

case study

A woman of thirty-five had ulcers of the cornea with chronic trachoma, with blepharitis which dated some years from the suppression of an eruption on the scalp which she described as scaly and very itchy. The cornea had become dim and dotted with small white scars from old ulcers, she had no lashes left, the lids were very sore on the inner margins; she had photophobia and various neuralgic pains.

On the 12th of May she received one dose Sulphur 200th.

In a week the right eye was somewhat better, but the left was much worse. The head is getting sore, with an itching moist eruption which forms a dry scurf; she complains of pains and restlessness at night; there is a twitching in the eyes as if they were drawing into the head, with burning heat, hot lachrymation and photophobia, with tearing pains around the eyes on looking at the light. Arsen. 82tn , one dose was prescribed.

In twelve days she reported wonderful improvement, no heat, no pains, no twitching, since the ulcers had healed the photophobia vanished ; she received Sacch. lac. and continued to improve for three weeks, when a slight return of the photophobia necessitated a repetition of the dose; each dose acted about four weeks. She gradually recovered nearly perfect vision, with disappearance of the granulations and perfect cure of the eruption.