Aide Memoire

Aide-Memoire for Carcinosin

C: can be considered when well selected remedies fail to act or do not hold for long after acting or when two or more prominent drugs are seemingly indicated without any clarity. C: craves salt, fat spicy, seasoned foods, eggs, fruits, milk, sweets, especially chocolate, onions, garlic and at times seen averse to some: fat. Clears throat before speaking. Clairvoyance, cheerful when it thunders and lightning. Caresses, propensity for caresses. Chronic inflammation of tonsils. Climacteric hot flushes.

A: Anaemia of pernicious type. Asthmatic from fright. Anger over his mistakes. Anticipation before examination. Aversion to reprimands or contradiction. Anxiety and anticipatory worries. Appearance: dark, earthy, dusky complexion. “Cafe au lait ” hue. Ameliorated at sea often, though sometimes aggravated. Abdominal pains ameliorated by pressure, bending forward, better from hot drinks. Aggravation since mononucleosis or pertusis. Alcoholic and cold drinks desired. Asthma and recurring bronchitis. Ameliorated and excited by thunder storm and lightning.

R: Recurring sinusitis, rectal prolapse, restlessness and sadness in children. Remorseful. Reads passionately, bookworms, lectophiles. Right cervical region pains on turning head to right. Respiration difficult after running.

C: Children have great fear, children with tendency to insomnia in early life. Children with bluish hue to sclera. Constipation and inactivity of colon. Cough: worse talking, laughing, yawning, worse undressing or dressing. Cold air worsens cough. Consolation or kind words aggravate. Conscientious about trifles. Cannot cry though in grief. Children timid and obstinate. Cheloids.

I: Intellectually torpor. Indifference and apathy to loved ones. Illnesses develop at the time of puberty. Idiocy and mongolism. Industrious because he cannot stand that he is reproached. Ills of vaccination. Irritability in the morning after rising because of his forgetfulness.

N: Naps of even short duration ameliorates. Not easily satisfied as he longs for perfection. Numbness of thighs ameliorated by gentle physical efforts but aggravated by harsh movements.

O: Obstinacy, overfastidious and over extending themselves on many levels,being passionate and longing for perfection and doesn’t want reprimands or admonishment. Ovarian cysts. Offended very easily, takes everything in bad light. On waking twitching of extremities or shuddering. Oppression of chest, desires deep inspiration.

S: Sensitive to reprimands (medo) but sympathetic to others (phos) ,suicidal tendencies with family history of cancer. Suppression and guilty feelings especially in victims of child abuse or sexual abuse. Swelling and tenderness of breasts before menses. Sleeps in the knee- chest position (medo) or on the right side. Sense of duty consciousness far excessive. Sore throat aggravated in the morning and night. Sense of precocity, suspicious and mistrustful. Schizophrenia.

I: Indigestion with gas in the stomach and bowels. Itch worse from undressing. Impelled to touch everything in children. Inquisitive. Induration of glands. Internal burning, tearing and sharp pains. Inclination and desire to dance as gentle movement or exertion ameliorated pains especially in the limbs. Inclination and desire for travel like tuberculinum. Inclination to weep due to admonishment, from music or during narration of her sickness or complaints. (Prefer light melodious, classical music to wild rhythmic music (Tarentula hisp) .

N: Nevi and moles (black) ,red also. Neurotic about perfection to the extreme of being suicidal as he can’t tolerate reprimands and reproachments. Nightly shrieking and screaming. Nausea while riding in a carriage.

Vydhyanath S




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