An Aide Memoire of CANTHARIS

Aide Memoire

An Aide Memoire CANTHARIS:

C: Cavities in the body are attended with violent burning and soreness. Canker sore and vesicles in the mouth. Complete strangury and tenesmus of the cervix vesicae attended with great desire to urinate. Constant desire to urinate passing but few drops at a time, sometimes mixed with blood. Cutting, burning pains in the urethra with ineffectual urging to urinate. Cystitis of the most violent type often helped by Cantharis. The child especially male pulls at the genitals.

A: Aching pains in the region of the kidneys. Averse for everything- drink,food, Tendency tobacco. Aggravation from dazzling objects and by water, a typical picture of hydrophobia. Abdominal and gastric complaints aggravated by drinking coffee.

N: Nephritis. Nymphomania with bladder symptoms.

T: Tenacious ropy mucus from air passages with its characteristic urinary symptoms, a tendency to syncope. Throat and larynx painfully constricted and as if on fire. Thirst burning type yet averse to liquids. Tearing and stinging from without to within. Tremendous burning pain through the whole of the intestinal canal. Tetanic spasms compelling to bend forward or backwards, often aggravated by sight of water. Thoughts of drinking sounds of water or touching the larynx produces spasms.

H: Hydrophobia when attended with moaning and violent cries, interspersed with barking.

A: Anguish of uncontrollable degree, Right furious rage and frenzied delirium and barking. Amorous frenzy too.

R: Retention of urine with spasmodic pain in the bladder. The right side is mostly affected.

I: Intolerable urging to urinate with burning pain are the red strands of Cantharis. Incessant desire to urinate with pains in the loins.  S: Sensation of cutting in the inner parts and sensation of dryness in the joints. Stools like scrapings of the

S: Sensation of cutting in the inner parts and sensation of dryness in the joints. Stools like scrapings of the mucous membranes, mixed with blood, with burning and scanty urine. Scalds and burns causing vesication. Satyriasis ,sexual desire too strong for sexual congress. Sterility. Sudden loss of consciousness with a red face.