Bursitis in animals

Bursitis is the appearance of a swelling over a joint. It is particularly the joints of the elbow and the hock.

One of the main contributory factors to Bursitis is that overweight. This makes the animal rest more often than needed and the constant contact and irritation from the contact to the ground.

The area shows a swelling, possibly with pain and heat. It could be evidenced by lameness. There is a lot of effusion at the joint, this accounts for the increase in size. If this becomes chronic this swelling becomes fibrotic and this could feel like a solid lump.

Homeopathy offers wonderful remedies to help your pet,

Apis mellifica: When the joint is extremely tender and there is a lot of effusion. The animal licks and gnaws at this joint because of the irritation it feels. It tries to move away from source of heat and is averse to touch.

Bryonia alba: When the joint is enlarged and pressure over the joints brings relief to the animal. A cold compress will also be welcomed by your animal. You might notice that the anila is averse to movement and will want to lie down on the affected joint.

Rhus toxicodendron: When movement gives relief to your animal. The ligaments and the tendons are involved.

Iodum: Indicated when your pet is lean and has an excessive appetite, and the coat is dry and lustreless. The joint is enlarged.

Calcarea flourica: A tissue remedy that helps in reduction of of cysts and cystic tumours and fibrous swelling.

Silicea: This is a good long term remedy which helps dissolve scar and other fibrous tissue. If the surface ulceration will lead to secondary infections.




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