Characteristics of the Best Meal Replacement Shake

Meal replacement shake

The market of meal replacement shakes is overfilled with various options, making it complicated to find the best one for men. The producers claim that their products have ultimate performance and high quality. Thus, a profound research is required in order to find out, which meal replacement shake (MR shake) will be suitable to a particular person. The following characteristics should be taken into account in your search for the best MR shake for men:

  1. Low Content of Sugar and Carbohydrates

The popularity of the meal replacement shakes lies in the fact that they supply all the necessary components, including fibre, protein, nutrients and essential vitamins, to your body. Sugar does not belong to the healthy ingredients, however, it is often used in shakes or powders for taste purposes. Always check the sugar content in a product and avoid the high rate of it.

  1. Filling

Sometimes when taking a MR shake, the feeling of hunger does not abandon you. It may cause problems if you consume a shake along with the replacement meal. A shake must bring the feeling of saturation after the consumption. The ingredients, which are responsible for saturation, are fiber and protein. Pay your attention to their content, however, you may experiment to find the best solution.

  1. Taste

Taste is an integral attribute of any MR shake or other product you consume. Bad taste won’t bring you pleasure, therefore, the performance will decrease. If a meal replacement shake you chose has everything you need except for the taste, try adding some additives or mix-ins. You may use powder mixes, fresh fruit, nuts or other healthy products in order to improve the taste of your shake.

  1. Protein Source

There are different sources of protein, including the most popular ones – whey, vegetables and soy. Whey is the recommended option for most men since it has a good absorption capacity and contributes to the building of muscles and losing fat. Protein derived from vegetables or soy is an option for people searching for lactose-free or vegan products. Nevertheless, the protein level in a serving may be less. Some products, like nut butter, have the naturally high content of protein. When adding some minerals, nutrients and vitamins, for example, calcium or magnesium, you will increase the protein level in your shake.

  1. Mixing With Milk or Water

It is not always possible to mix MR shakes with all kinds of liquid. Some shakes can be mixed with milk only in order to release flavor. It is important that the protein shake could be mixed with any liquid without any consequences to performance.

In fact, everyone has own best meal replacement shake, which will fit your lifestyle, your objectives, and your ration. Make sure that the MR shake you chose brings you pleasure and benefits you need.





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