Aurum muriaticum

What comes to mind when you think of Aurum muriaticum?




  1. Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, liver cirrhosis, nephritis, and fatty degeneration, includes heart degeneration too U0001f60a
    Exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome to add U0001f913

  2. Suicide by falling — reflects the up and down nature of depression (would be good for bi-polar)

  3. Sorry guys I think everybody comments on Aurum mettalicum
    But actually it’s Aurum muruaticum
    So this Is a proved salt muriatic element is seen in heart symptoms like palpitations heaviness etc
    Warts appears on various parts like on tongue genitals. It is sycotic remedy causes suppression of discharges to reappear

  4. Depression, heart, low self esteem and superiority thoughs at the same time. Can’t take decision.

  5. Sadness.─Taciturnity and reserve, anxiety, apprehension and peevishness.─Indecision and inquietude.─Ideas respecting recent events crowd upon the mind during labour.─Disposition to be angry and to give way to passion.─Unconsciousness.

  6. Auram muriaticum Okay but this lead to Epilepsy. Hence check ?l said before

  7. Fear depression, due to epileptic fits n in such condition Auram bed time n Zicum the morning empty stomach


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