Antim tart

The_Antimonium tart. child won’t have many smiles for you, but shrinks petulantly away and drowses off indifferent to the world. If you are mistakenly persistent he becomes angry, and quickly breaks out in sweat, for he is much relaxed.

The face has a peculiar dusky tinge, and there is often a fine rattle within the chest, all of which has led to its large use in capillary bronchitis, where it has won numberless laurels.

The potency should be very high, and the dose but rarely repeated.

Reference: C. M. Boger




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  2. several cases of children with asthma cured with Ant t. Great for newborns that drank amniotic liquid and developed rattling cough or phlegm.

  3. My handicapped sister had lobar pneumonia last spring. Her lower left love was consolidated and her white cell count was 28k with a left shift. Weak rattling cough, pale face with bluish lips. Ant-t 30c 3-5 drops q 3-4 hours. The following day my father reported that she started coughing up large chunks of mucus. 72 hours after starting the homeopathic remedy her lungs were clear on X-Ray and her white cell count was 7k. Thank God for homeopathy.

  4. can help in rasing extra phelgm out of the body through coughing. esp. for those who are weak


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