Homeopathic Remedies for Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation. Primary amenorrhea is when a girl has not yet started her monthly periods, and she:
Has gone through other normal changes that occur during puberty

One of the most common causes of Primary amenorrhea is Anaemia, a cough, and stress. Other causes could be due to congenital defects.
Homeopathic remedies wins hands down when you come across a patient who has had normal menstruation and then delayed or suppressed menses, that is caused by a sudden fright, cold or shock.

When there is a gradual decrease of menstruation and a cessation and it is associated with a deep seated condition, it is difficult to determine whether the cessation is the cause or the result of the deep rooted condition. Early diagnosis can help correct this condition.
and prevent an acute to get to the chronic stage.

Homeopathic remedies help in bringing back the normal menstruation. Your homeopath will determine the right remedy based on your peculiar symptoms.
We discuss a few homeopathic remedies that your homeopath may consider.

Ferrum phosphoricum — This is a prominent remedy when absence of menstruation is associated with debility, languor, palpitation, indigestion, sometimes leucorrhea, sickly complexion, puffiness of the face and ankles, and other symptoms of chlorosis.

Aconite — In plethoric, full-blooded young women, exposed to chill, cold zv-ind, fright, or checked perspiration. Tendency of blood to the head, with fever, thirst and nervousness.

Arsenicum album — In cases of long standing, anaemic and debilitated, least exertion fatigues and causes rapid respiration. Inclined to nausea and thirst. Burning pains, yet inclined to chilliness. Puffiness of face and ankles.

Belladonna — For acute symptoms following sudden suppression, with some excitement, flushed face and throbbing headache, pain across the abdomen, cannot endure jar or noise, very excitable and even delirious.

Bryonia — After suppression, especially in slow cases there is a frequent nosebleed, patient irritable and averse to motion. Vertigo on rising up or moving about.

Calcarea carbonica — Inclined to “fat and flabbiness,” the Calc. constitution, cold, damp feet, with heat about the head, bloating about the stomach. Chronic cases with much headache in young girls.

Chamomilla — Irritable and impatient about everything. Worse after checked perspiration or fits o£ anger. One cheek red and the other pale. Symptoms worse at night.

Colocynth — If with suppression there is severe colic the patient bending double with agony.

Dulcamara — Suppression from sudden change to cold, damp weather.

Ignatia — Hysteria develops with laughing and crying, constantly sighing. Suppression from grief and trouble, cannot sleep.

— In middle aged, or women approaching the climateric. The hot flashes are distressing, heat on top of the head, aggravation of all symptoms after a short sleep. Considerable nervousness and disposition to talk constantly.

Natrum muriaticum — Melancholy at time of menses, with intense headache. Worse every day at 11 A. M.

Pulsatilla — Often indicated. Suppression from getting the feet wet. Patient becomes nervous, weeping at trifles, inclined to be chilly, yet craves the open air. Digestion deranged, with coated tongue and bad taste in mouth every morning.

Sepia— In delicate, feeble constitutions with sallow look about the face and nose. Feeling of weakness in the abdomen.

Sulphur — A few doses may be given when other remedies fail to act, especially in scrofulous subjects or those subject to eruption, or from suppressing the same.




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