Some of the important remedies are mentioned here in the Remedy resonance for Alopecia. A homeopath will find the remedy that fits your symptoms. Do not try to self medicate.

There are many other remedies that can be indicated in Alopecia. That is the beauty of Homeopathy, there is a remedy that will match your particular symptom.

Natrum muriaticum: Hair falls out easily. It falls when touched or combed. This is frequently seen in Nursing mothers.

Carbo vegetabilis: Hair falling especially after child birth, or severe illness.

Sepia: Hair fall after chronic headaches.

Graphites: Bald spots on the sides of the head.

Silicea: Premature alopecia.

Acidum flouricum: Hair from from premature aging. Hair fall in patches.

Selenium met: Baldness of the whole head, eyebrows, eyelashes and other parts of the body.




  1. other remedy are thuja , selenium , silica,ustilago, phosphorus, calc.phos,fluoric acidum etc.

  2. hair problems in women , there are two Best remedy always 1). Natrum mur . 2). sepia ( when hair problems comes at the stage of pregnancy & menopause period

  3. You obviously know nothing about homeopathy or you wouldn’t of made this post. Educate yourself. Studies? We are not in big pharmas pocket. We are living proof it works. If you used it you’d understand, but it’s obvious you don’t so I won’t waste anymore time here. Please educate, the info is out there, but more importantly, read about the human experience, that’s your confirmation. It’s not like big pharma testing, each person is different. It’s not easy to explain. It works though, it’s been around since the beginning of time.

  4. your post stated: “That is the beauty of Homeopathy, there is a remedy that will match your particular symptom”
    and then you fail to provide any statistically valid proof… where are the double and triple blind statistically valid studies?
    it would seem that a scientifically / medically valid study would be justified on the bases of data and not on some belief…
    if homeopathy truly works then there is no harm in presenting valid data; in fact if such data are found valid, they could significantly help out many people…
    still, as far as placebos or sugar pills go, this is probably physiologically harmless, except that it can become harmful if it unintentionally (or intentionally) serves to discourage a particular patient from seeing a real physician and getting real medicine…

  5. Yes.This bold lines gives a major thrust of advertisment of medicine.itvis nice

  6. Sepia is the best remedy for women problem who weeps when telling symptom hair fall out leucorrhoea yellow/green one of the best remedy for utrine trobles involentery urine during sleep by girlsand causticum for boys

  7. Internal medication ok bt?external medic stem therphy. Its possibilty hair follicle healthy?natural root ll grow????its true?

  8. Sepia is the best medicine for ladris problems like lecourya nail fungas,
    Geaphtes for all kaind of skin problems which are productive , lecourrrya also watery discharge .


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