Aide Memoire

An aide memoire of  MURIATIC ACID  (Hydrochloric Acid)

M: Mouth and anus chiefly affected, The tongue and sphincter ani are paralyzed. Malignant affections of the mouth, diphtheria, scarlatina, cancer. Motion ameliorates pain in the extremities. Muscular weakness following an excess of opium and tobacco.

U: Urine passes slowly. Ulcers in the female genitals with putrid discharge.  Ulcers that are foul smelling.     Ulcerations of the GI mucous membranes with grayish white deposits. Ulcers extremely sensitive to touch, deep, perforating, bluish or black base, bleed easily and tend to slough.

R: Rapid, feeble, and small pulse which intermits every third beat especially in typhoid state. Right-sided lying worsens vertigo.

I: Intense prostration and inertia of the body makes one slide down in the bed. Involuntary stools while passing urine or wind.

A: Asthenic type of diseases with intense prostration. Anxious dreams. Ailments from Sun’s heat. The Anus is very sensitive with or without piles. Anus sore during menses.  Aggravated in damp weather, before midnight.  Adynamic  fevers of low degree.

T: Typhoid or typhus: Deep stupid sleep, unconscious while awake, with loud moaning and muttering. Tongue coated at the edges, shrunken, dry, leathery and paralyzed. Taciturn and sad, in silence due to intense prostration and pulse intermitting at every third beat.

I: Irritable, peevish, disposed to anger and chagrin. Impotence. Involuntary stools on passing wind or while urinating, from paralysis of sphincter ani.

C: Cirrhosis of the liver, Cannot bear the sight and thought of meat. Carbuncles with low states of the system.

A: Achlorhydria and fermentation of food.  Ameliorated lying on the left side.  Anal prolapsed, haemorrohoids, swollen, blue or black, sensitive to touch, appear suddenly in children, in pregnant women.  Aggravation from touch and after sleep.  Amelioration by lying on left and uncovering.

C: Cannot urinate without having bowels moved at the same time. The Coldness of the extremities. Catamenia is too early and too profuse. Cannot bear the least touch, not even of the sheet on female genitals.

I: Intense burning heat with an aversion to coverings. Involuntary stools while passing urine or wind is also characteristic.

D: Debility of a great degree to such an extent that as soon as he sits down, his eyes close. Debility and prostration are out of proportion to illness. so the patient slides down in bed. The lower jaw hangs down with great debility.