Aide Memoire for MEZEREUM

Aide Memoire

An Aid to Memorize Materia Medica.

M: Mentals: Hypochondriacal,Sad, Despondent,indifferent to everything and everyone. Angry at trifles,at perfectly harmless things or words but soon sorry for it.Fear,apprehension and faintness caused by shock,pain and hearing bad news. Frequent vanishing of thoughts,Anxiety felt in the stomach ( Ars,Calc, Kali.C, Kali.ars), Anxiety when alone,anguished empty feeling in the stomach as if dying.

E: Eczema,following vaccination,intolerable itching,worse from heat,from warmth of the bed,warm bath, Ameliorated by cold application. Eczema with intolerable itching,worse in bed and from touch with copious serous exudation.

Z: Zona,Herpes Zoster of the face,followed by facial neuralgia or with intercostal neuralgia,worse at night and in the warmth of the bed.

E: Eruptions,very itchy,aggravation at night,in bed,from touch,cold and damp cold winds. Ears feel too open as if the tympanum was exposed to cold air and it blew into the ears.

R: Rheumatism of the extremities,especially of the long bones(Tibia),inflammatory type,bursting and tearing pains go from above downwards with swellings and aggravated as above but better in open air. Roots of teeth decay.

E: Eating aggravates the pains of facial neuralgia and tooth ache. Eyes: Ciliary neuralgia after surgery especially after the removal of eye ball. External chilliness associated with internal burning. Enlargement of testicles.

U: Ulcers of various kinds with thick,whitish,yellow scabs,under which yellow pus collects. Ulcers with shiny red areola around it. Ulcers with vesicles around it which itch violently or burn like fire. Ulcers deep hard and painful.

M: Miasm of Psora & Syphilis in the back ground. Much desire for Ham and Fat,Coffee,wine. Menses too frequent and lasting too long or scanty with leucorrhoea of chronic type like white of an egg,malignant and corroding or serous.

Vydyanath Subramaniam.

Nb:-Some of the modalities were repetitively mentioned so as to clearly etch them in the minds and as advised by masters in Materia Medica Especially : Dr S K Dubey, Dr S M most of us could be more well versed with polychrests, but lss with such drugs.