REMEDY OF THE DAY: aesculus hippocastanum
(Horse chestnut)
Boericke W. Pocket Manueal of Homeopathy M.M.
Depressed and irritable, head dull, confused, aching as
from a cold. Pressure in forehead, with nausea, followed
by stitches in right hypochondrium, portal congestion.
Persons with hemorrhoidal tendencies, and who suffer with
gastric, bilious or catarral troubles.
Vertigo when sitting and walking.
Anshutz E.P. Sexual Ills and diseases
Aesculus’s action is on the lower bowel, back, hips and liver
and it is especially indicated in persons with tendency to
hemorrhoids. Back and hips aching and painful, liver and
portal system engorged, aching in pit of stomach to right
lobe of liver. The remedy has won its chief renown in the
treatment of PILES, or hemorrhoids, protruding, purple piles
or “bland piles” that pain as though a chestnut burr, or
small sticks, were in the rectum with burning pain after
stool. for such cases it is best to take the remedy internally
in the form of medicated pellets, and externally apply it
in the form of suppositories for “blind piles” or of
ointment if the piles protrude
Bell J.B., The homeopathic Therapeutic M.M.
Stool Papescent, mushy slimy, white, light brown, first
part black and hard, last part white as milk, bloody and
slimy or watery, painless in pm.
Before stool rumbling in bowels with cutting about navel
sudden urging passing of flatus.
During stool severe lumbar and sacral pain: Weakness;
tenesmus, unpleasant sensation in rectum and anus.
After stool relief of pain in abdomen: Pain in abdomen
and eructations tasting of the ingesta.
Violent backache in sacro-lumbar region, agg. by walking
or stooping. Pain across sacro-illiac symphysis with
feeling as if back would break. Aesculus in chronic diarrhea
of patients, who suffer from hemorroidal troubles
associated with severe lumbar and sacral pains characteristic
of this remedy, follicular pharyngitis, violent burning, raw
sensation in throat, dryness and roughness of throat.
Mucous membranes of mouth, throat, rectum are swollen
burn, feel dry and raw.

This remedy is indicated there is lameness and paralytic feeling from neck down the back and legs are weak, and he can hardly walk, must lie down, there aare fulgurant pains and ocular and vesical tabetic symptoms.  This remedy is indicated even when the sclerosis is well advanced.
Beatriz H Hill




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