acute rescue

A youth of eighteen, tall and well formed, had chills for several months. On inquiring it was found that six months before he had received an injury in the back by a fall. In every access of the fever the seat of the hurt became very painful.

What’s the remedy?




  1. No worries ! , If you are referring to loose stomach specially after eating something not properly cooked or something you have eaten from outside Try 3 doses of arsenicum album 30c 4 hourly. you will feel good. Drink water either before eating food or during chewing food. Avoid water after you are done finish eating food. If you didnt eat staled (basi food) and still have loose stomach Podophyllum 200c 4 doses 8 hourly would be enough.

  2. Absolutely right. The remedy is ARNICA! 🙂 Thank you everyone for trying.

  3. Dr. Now I am filing better sir. I was taking water to much with my food. My stumech was upset. Now I stopped taking much water and filing better. any suggestions please. My English is not so good please don’t mind. I am 76 years old.

  4. My lntestine not functioning properly. I can’t close my anus. Any suggestions please.

  5. Rhustox 200c 4 hourly 3 days Hypericum 1M singal dose Bryonia 30c 4 hourl 3 days Ruta 200 4 Hourly 3 days second day Arnica 1M singal Dose


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